GMA: Radha Mitchell Red Widow Review & Character Is a “Mom With a Gun”


GMA: Radha Mitchell Red Widow Role

Red Widow’s Radha Mitchell came by Good Morning America March 1 2013 to talk about her new show, where she plays a woman whose husband is killed with a debt to a powerful crime lord. Sam Champion interviewed Radha Mitchell outside in Times Square, where he normally does the weather, in front of the crowds. Radha Mitchell said her character is forced to fight for her family. He asked her if her character is prepared for the fight.  She said her character was born into a criminal family, but she was trying to live a different life. She said the murder of her character’s husband is the catalyst for the rest of the story.

GMA: Radha Mitchell Scene From Red Widow

GMA: Radha Mitchell Red Widow Review & Character Is a "Mom With a Gun"

Radha Mitchell stopped by GMA March 1 2013 to talk about her new show, Red Widow, and why she took the role of a “mom with a gun.” (Helga Esteb /


GMA showed a scene from the show, where Radha Mitchell’s character tells her husband that if he doesn’t get out of the life he’s living, she’ll take the kids and she will leave him. While it wasn’t the most exciting scene, it did seem to highlight the strength of Radha Mitchell’s character.

GMA: Radha Mitchell’s Character Needs a Drink

Sam Champion said a writer recently said that Radha Mitchell’s character needs a drink. He asked if she thought that was fair to say. She said, “I think if anyone needs a drink, my character does.”

Radha Mitchell: Why She Took the Part

Sam Champion said that her character is a fearsome fighter in this story. Radha Mitchell said she was very excited to take this role, because the character is a “mom with a gun.” She said you don’t see a lot of these roles written for women very often. She said her character is a modern day anti-hero.


What do you think about the roles of women on television? Do you think we need more strong roles for women? Are you looking forward to the new show?



  1. Irish says

    I enjoyed the movie on Sunday night 3/3/13. It reminded me of my past. A dark 30+ yrs in the Port of Baltimore. Are all US ports like this. I see the reasons. Homeland security in our port now. Irih.

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