GMA: Prince Harry Vegas Ads & Tom Hanks Reddit Pictures


Petition Signed to Stop Church From Fixing Botched Jesus Fresco

Good Morning America: Prince Harry Vegas

Prince Harry’s Vegas exploits have inspired a new ad campaign for Las Vegas tourism. (Debby Wong /

An 80-year-old woman tried to fix an aging fresco of Jesus in Spain and demolished it. After media attention, the new version has become more of a tourist attraction than the old one. Almost 18,000 people have signed a petition to stop the church from fixing it, and a lot of donation money has come in. People have taken to the internet to recreate other famous works in the same stye as the fresco, such as “The Scream” and “The Mona Lisa.”


Tom Hanks Pictures on

Photos posted on of Academy Award winner Tom Hanks and a random man have garnered two million views. The man asked if he could take a few pictures with Hanks, and funny poses ensued, including pictures of the man wearing Tom’s glasses. Hanks’ Twitter feed shows that he was on vacation in North Dakota when the pictures were taken.

New Las Vegas Ad Campaign: “Keep Calm and Carry On Harry”

Prince Harry has inspired a new add campaign in Las Vegas: “Keep Calm and Carry on Harry #knowthecode.” There are also Wild West style posters that say “For Shame” and call out the prince for not letting his exploits “stay in Vegas.” Inappropriate pictures of the prince having a good time in Vegas were famously leaked last week. The new ads call for boycotting ever partying with Prince Harry again.

Dog Runs Up to Ice Cream Truck

Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer also showed a video of a dog running around and chasing after an ice cream truck. Once the truck stops the dog runs up to the window and puts his paws up. The ice cream man serves the dog his ice cream and then he’s on his way to enjoy it.



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