GMA: Porsha Stewart Read About Divorce from Kordell Stewart on Twitter


GMA: Porsha and Kordell Stewart File For Divorce

Porsha Stewart and her husband, Kordell Stewart, are like Atlanta royalty. Kordell is a former football star and Porsha is the granddaughter of a civil rights activist. But it seems the two have filed for divorce and Porsha almost had no idea. Kordell actually tweeted about the divorce filings before he even talked with his wife.

When Porsha saw the tweet, she said she was blindsided. Life seemed so perfect for the Georgia peach Barbie but it all came crashing down when her Ken called it quits. She said he was down the hall when she read the tweet. While she was stunned, she had enough sense to be calm and ask him what was happening. Unfortunately, he said they would talk about it later and he went to work.


GMA: Porsha Stewart Read About Divorce from Kordell Stewart on Twitter

Good Morning America sat down with Porsha Stewart to talk about her divorce filings from Kordell Stewart, how she found out and how she’s holding it together.

When asked about why he has kept the divorce secret and never talked with his wife about it, Porsha said he won’t tell her why.

GMA: Kordell Stewart Doesn’t Want To Pay Alimony

In the divorce fillings, Kordell wrote that he did not want to pay alimony because he believes Porsha is able-bodied enough to make her own money. She has entered a counter suit against him for alimony.


GMA: Real Housewives Point Out Kordell’s Flaws

Fans of Real Housewives have watched all seaason as the other housewives on the show tried to tell Porsha  her husband was too controlling. She said it was hard to listen to them when it was happening but she only blames one person, her husband, because he was the one who filed for the divorce.

In the end though, Porsha said she is the one who feels ashamed. She told Good Morning America she feels like a failure but she knows God has more in store for her.

“At the end of the day, he probably didn’t deserve me,” Porsha said.


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