Good Morning America: Plus Sized Ralph Lauren Model Robyn Lawley


Good Morning America: Robyn Lawley – Size 12

Good Morning America sat down with Australian plus sized model Robyn Lawley to talk to her about becoming the first Ralph Lauren plus sized model.

Robyn Lawley is being called the hottest new model. The 6 foot 2 inch, size 12 bombshell said she didn’t want to reveal how much she weighed because she didn’t believe she needed. Saying she is a size 12, should be enough Lawley said. Prior to being signed to Ralph Lauren, Lawley has graced the covers of Vogue Italia and Elle Magazine in France.


Good Morning America: Plus Sized Model

GMA: Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley

Good Morning America talks to plus sized model Robyn Lawley and Lara shares her crazy dreams.

Lawley said she started pursuing modeling when she was a teenager and felt the pressure to try and lose weight when she went to casting calls. Lawley said no one ever said explicitly she needed to lose weight, but being surrounded by so many skinny women made her feel self-conscience. This pushed her to different eating disorders, but Lawley said her body was just made to be a size 12

Lawley said she moved away to France where she fell in love with food again and gained a lot of weight. When she returned to Australia, she noticed many plus sized models being signed. Lawley said she walked into a modeling agency and walked out with a contract.


Good Morning America: Most Women are Size 12

Lawley said most America are a size 12 and they should be proud of their bodies. Lawley said it took her a very long time until she felt comfortable with her body.

Good Morning America: Lara’s Crazy Dream

Lara said she has been having some crazy dreams as the Emmys keep getting closer.

Somehow Lara was able to capture her dreams on camera and let the viewers see just how crazy her dreams have become. A camera that can capture dreams? I think that would be pretty cool to own.

Anyways, Lara had some pretty crazy dreams. She dreamt Josh and herself were in the show Mad Men and she dreamt Sam was a part of Game of Thrones. She even dreamt Josh was on the show Modern Family.

I don’t know if those were dreams or nightmares, but Josh plays a really good Phil Dunphy.



  1. Diana James says

    Size 12 on a 6 foot 2 inch woman is anything BUT plus size. A normal weight for a woman of this height is 170-198 pounds, with a BMI in the low 20s. For someone MY height (5 foot 2 in), that would equate to 110-114 lbs and a size six. The only thing plus about this model is her height, but definately not her weight. Please give us a break.

  2. Becky Hardcastle says

    I totally agree that this woman is definetly NOT a plus-size model. What dummy thinks this is going to make people like me; who is 5.9 and wears a size 18. I am plus-size. She does not have an ounce of fat on her body!!!!! She is kidding herself and Ralph Lauren is not going to sell this girl to anyone who is really plus size!!!! You people need to take a good look around the world and get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. phyllis Kesling says

    I am deluged with catalogs all of which charge $5 to $10.00 more for plus size. I realize as a sewer that fabric costs more for plus size but not that much more. I rail against the clothing industry when I go shopping in our little city of Adrian, MI because the clothing stores don’t even sell my kind of plus size, 1X and 2X. If they do it is Chinese pus X which doesn’t fit my figure. I am not grossly overweight but was born with a large frame. Even as a teen size 14 was suppose to be plus size. I hear 14 is still the top plus size they are willing to handle once in while. Please try to get them to change. I hate going naked or in my undies

  4. phyllis Kesling says

    I disagree with the statement that most women are size 12. TV is constantly showing overweight women who far outnumber ‘most women’ in that person view. Get real, get with it.

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