GMA: Pippa Middleton Takes Manhattan & College Plastic Surgery Trends


GMA: Pippa Middleton in New York City

One of GMA’s favorite topics of discussion is British socialite Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Ever since her public debut as a royal in-law at the wedding of her sister to Prince William, the world has become infatuated with following the stylish sister’s every move.

GMA: Pippa Middleton Takes Manhattan

GMA followed royal in-law Pippa Middleton in New York City. (Featureflash /


Last week, Pippa arrived in New York for her very first vacation to the city. GMA September 6 took a look at what she’s been up to, who she’s been with, and, importantly, what she’s been wearing!

GMA: Pippa Middleton Moving to NYC?

Pippa, a tennis fan, recently caught Andy Roddick’s match at the U.S. Open, where she was a personal guest of Roger Federer. Her arrival in a chic colorblock dress made headlines. But what really got everyone talking was an apparent trip to look at some apartments. Could Pippa be making a permanent move to the Big Apple?

She’s enjoying her time in New York, but according to royal reporter Victoria Arbiter, probably not. Victoria said that Pippa is “a very British girl, through and through.”


GMA: Pippa Middleton Dating Andre Balazs?

Pippa has also been hitting the exclusive clubs in the meatpacking district, and she recently spent Labor Day in the Hamptons, including a stop at millionaire Andre Balazs’s luxury resort on Shelter Island. According to sources, Pippa was heavily flirting with the 55-year-old hotelier and businessman, who has previously dated Uma Thurman.

Next up for Pippa will be front-row seats at some of the many shows of New York Fashion Week. It’s a tough life, but somebody’s got to live it!

GMA: College Student Plastic Surgery Trends

More college students are going under the knife than ever, and GMA September 6 decided to follow two young women who wanted to make permanent changes to their bodies for two very different reasons.

Kaitlyn is a nursing student who said that she felt out of proportion because of her large hips and small chest. Kaitlyn was a 34B, and she was looking to become a 34C, and also fix one breast that was bigger than the other (even though this is actually normal.)

Jamie is a 20-year-old college junior who has faced both pain and ridicule because of her large breasts. In high school, Jamie grew to a 34DDD, and was looking to reduce to a 34D in order to live pain-free and gain more confidence.

Both girls met with Dr Tenley Lawson, and then decided to undergo their procedures. Afterwards, both girls were thrilled with their results, and said that they now feel better about themselves.


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