GMA: Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty “Happy, Happy, Happy” Book Review


Duck Dynasty Becomes Number One Show On Television

GMA: Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty "Happy, Happy, Happy" Book Review

Phil Robertson stopped by GMA to talk about the success of his show, Duck Dynasty, and the principles of faith, family and ducks. (image credit: s_bukley /

Meet the Robertson clan. They are the subject of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and own the profitable hunting business, Duck Commander.


“We are lords of the wilderness,” Jase Robertson said.

Over 9.6 million people tuned in to the season three finale of Duck Dynasty on A&E, making it the most watched show on TV. Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander and the oldest brother. Jase and Jep work with their brother producing duck calls and hunting on the off moments. Uncle Si is the lovable slacker around for a boost of comedy. Then there is Phil Robertson, the founder of Duck Commander.

How To Get “Redneckified”

GMA went to get “redneckified.” They found that the whole country loves these bearded country men. The show, they said, is a lot like Seinfeld. It’s about nothing and just follows them around. Not very often is life this entertaining.


“I play hard and I nap hard. I very seldom work hard,” Uncle Si said. He’s rarely without his beloved glass of tea and is always getting into antics around town. He’s like the old basset hound that follows the brothers Robertson around, tripping on his ears.

Miss Kay, Willie’s mama, treated GMA to a tasty “breakfast of champions,” aka frogs. Miss Kay and Phil have been together since they were in the ninth grade. Then, they went for target practice at Jase’s house. While this may sound a little too country for you, for a fan of Duck Dynasty, this would be a dream come true.

Phil Robertson Happy, Happy, Happy Book Review

Happy, Happy, Happy is Phil Robertson’s mantra for life and the title of his new book. He gets it from Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

“Rednecks shooting ducks, are you sure that will work?” Phil Robertson asked A&E when they approached them about the show. They told him that if Ozzy Osbourne could do it, then anyone could. He still feels like it’s all a dream.

Faith, family, ducks in that order,” are what the Robertson’s live on. Phil grew up with very little and started his business “without government assistance.” He rented the cameras and got everything going on his own. Before Duck Dynasty and the success of Duck Commander, Phil said he was into “drugs and rock ‘n roll.” He turned to Christianity and put all of his faith in Jesus.

The Robertson clan have several other irons in the fire. Miss Kay is releasing a cookbook and Uncle Si’s first book will come out later in 2013. A Duck Commander devotional will be available in 2014. 


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