GMA Patricia Cornwell Money Mismanagement Fight & Sign Your Own Checks


GMA: Patricia Cornwell Money Mismanagement

Best-selling crime writer Patricia Cornwell stopped by Good Morning America March 1 2013 to talk about her recent lawsuit against her money management firm. Millions of dollars of her money went missing and she took her money management firm to court. The judge awarded her $50 million in damages.

Patricia Cornwell said that after a few years into the relationship with this money management firm, she started to feel like something didn’t add up with her money, even when she cut back on expenses. Nothing seemed to be accumulating. Over the course of her relationship with the firm $89 million went through their hands. She said they went through all 109 boxes the firm sent her on the financial records of where the money went. She said the firm tried to blame it on her. She said that she discovered something definitely didn’t add up with the money. But so far, there didn’t seem to be anything criminal in what happened. That’s why it’s a civil case.


GMA Patricia Cornwell Money Mismanagement Fight & Sign Your Own Checks

Patricia Cornwell stopped by GMA March 1 2013 to talk about winning her recent lawsuit against her financial management firm and fighting for yourself.

GMA: Patricia Cornwell Not Frugal

Robin Roberts said that the firm said she had an out of control lifestyle. Patricia Cornwell said she has never said she’s frugal. But by no means could she have gone through all that money.

GMA: Patricia Cornwell New Book?

Patricia Cornwell said she had to do something with all of the energy that’s surrounding this, and she said she’d likely write about it. Robin Roberts said it would no doubt be a page turner.


Patricia Cornwell said that it’s important to fight when you believe something has been done wrong to you, even in the face of having every personal detail of yourself out in the media. She said, “Go ahead. Try to make a mockery of me. Try to embarrass me. I’m still going to fight.”

Patricia Cornwell: Sign Your Own Checks

Patricia Cornwell said that 13-years-ago, Oprah told her to always sign her own checks. She said that she should’ve listened and that she’d be signing her own checks from now on.

Patricia Cornwell & Robin Roberts Helicopter Lessons

Robin Roberts said that she was thinking about learning how to fly after seeing a video of Patricia Cornwell flying a helicopter. Patricia Cornwell said she’d have to get a helicopter lesson, too, and Robin Roberts said, “Let’s do that.”


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