GMA Oscars: Seth MacFarlane Best Moments & Violet Affleck Spelling Bee


GMA: Bond Tribute At the Oscars

The stunning Bond tribute at the 2013 Academy Awards really inspired Sam Champion. He spent the morning trying to recreate some Bond-esque entrances. He flew in on a parachute and then stumbled out of a sports car wreck. I applaud his efforts and commitment to the bit.

GMA: Seth MacFarlane’s Best Moments

GMA Oscars: Seth MacFarlane Best Moments & Violet Affleck Spelling Bee

Argo was the big winner of the night, taking home Best Picture. Ben Affleck gave an emotional speech. (DFree /


A man who really committed to his role was Oscar host Seth MacFarlane. He had plenty of offensive jokes and musical numbers, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from the creator of Family Guy and Ted. 

He opened the show with one of the best asides of the night. “The quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh starts now.” It was a small joke about the usually stony-faced actor, but it did the job. Catching Jones off guard, he gave MacFarlane a good chuckle.

My favorite parts of the night were all the musical numbers. MacFarlane has a 50’s crooner charm with perfectly raunchy comedic timing. While he gave us a dirty musical number (“We Saw Your Boobs”), William Shatner convinced him to give a classier song and dance. He had Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron ballroom dancing and then Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon Levitt did a snappy dance. Radcliffe and JGL spilled the beans about the opener on the red carpet, but it was still glorious.


MacFarlane’s mission to offend the world continued as he donned a Flying Nun costume and accosted Sally Field in the green room. The moment was sealed with a sloppy kiss that made Field cringe. The best part was that no one escaped MacFarlane’s attention. He gave nine-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis age-appropriate jokes and then saved the worst for Abraham Lincoln. Even MacFarlane gave himself a hit. “You guys made beautiful movies,” he said. “I made Ted.” Some on Twitter were calling him sexist and crude, but I feel like he was equal opportunity comedy. All in all, a very funny night.

Oscars 2013 – Opening Number With Seth… by IdolxMuzic

GMA: Argo Wins Best Picture

The movie that had viewers gripping their seats and laughing out loud, Argo, was the Cinderella of the night. Ben Affleck was overlooked by the Academy for a Best Director nomination, but he got his moment in the spotlight when the film won the biggest award of the night: Best Picture.

Affleck called the Oscar “the greatest action figure ever.” He was embarrassed by his rambling acceptance speech, but it’s one of those moments that will be replayed and will make Oscar history.

Producer George Clooney said they wanted to make a film that they liked. He said Argo was an adult film that presented a new side to a story. He told the world that if you want to see more films like Argo, it’s important to support them and go see them so that studios will let them get made.

GMA: Violet Affleck Spelling Bee Champion

Affleck’s family is full of winners. His oldest daughter Violet told her parents she wanted to be in a spelling bee. Affleck said she studied hard and then won a trophy earlier on Sunday. Like father, like daughter. Congratulations to the whole Garner-Affleck clan on their successful Sunday!


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