GMA: Oscar Pistorius Steroid Scandal & Bethany Storro Was Not Attacked


GMA: Did Oscar Pistorius Kill Reeva Steenkamp?

Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius was once seen as a hero, but now he is in a South African jail for shooting his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Pistorius thought model Reeva Steenkamp was an intruder when he shot her. He then texted his best friend and said “there has been a terrible accident.”

Pistorius was called “Blade Runner” by his fans, but now his country is tearing him down. His father spoke out about the allegation that his son killed Steenkamp in cold blood. Pistorius’ manager said that all of his events and races have been cancelled as he focuses on defending himself.


GMA: Oscar Pistorius Steroid Scandal & Bethany Storro Was Not Attacked

Oscar Pistorius is being held in a South African jail for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. (Featureflash /

Steenkamp had just finished filming a reality television series. A memorial video was put together for her. In the video, she said how much she loved her fans and gave a sweet goodbye.

GMA: Oscar Pistorius’ iPad Taken

Pistorius said he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder. City Press said that a bloody crickett bat is now being brought into the investigation. According to the source, he shot Steenkamp in the bedroom and when she fled to the bathroom he shot her three more times through the door. She was wearing a nightgown and her overnight bag was found in the house.


The police have seized Steenkamp and Pistorius’ iPads. They are now looking for any motivations that could have caused Pistorius to shoot Steenkamp. They have also found boxes of steroids in Pistorius’ home. It’s likely that he will remain in jail after his bail hearing this week.

GMA: Bethany Storro Facing the Truth

Three years ago, Bethany Storro claimed she was attacked and another woman threw acid on her face. In a new memoir called Facing the Truth, Storro has said that it was all a hoax and misunderstanding.

Storro said she suffers from an untreated case of body dysmorphic disorder. Every time she would look in the mirror, she saw a monster. She decided to take matters into her own hands and kill herself. After she threw the acid on her own face Storro was in too much pain to drink the acid and end her life. She ran outside and screamed for help. When bystanders asked if someone had done this to her she said yes. She even gave the police a description of her attacker.

Storro said she liked the attention she got from the coverage of the accident. She is now working on accepting who she is and healing.


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