GMA: Niecy Nash Finds Love & “It’s Hard to Fight Naked” Book Review


GMA: It’s Hard To Fight Naked Niecy Nash On Love

Niecy Nash met her now husband Jay and fell head over heels in love. She was so thrilled to have found her perfect match that Niecy has since been setting up her friends and wants to help women everywhere find the perfect love for them. Her new book, It’s Hard to Fight Naked, is all about finding love and staying in love.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that nakedness has a calming effect,” Niecy said seriously.


GMA: Niecy Nash Finds Love & "It's Hard to Fight Naked" Book Review

Niecy Nash has been setting up friends with the men of their dreams. Her new book, It’s Hard to Fight Naked, has tons of tips for single women. (image credit: Joe Seer /

Niecy Nash Set Up Sherri Shepherd & Her Husband

Niecy and Lara Spencer had a mini-reunion. They are good friends and Lara has seen firsthand the matchmaking skills of Niecy Nash. Niecy set up their friend Sherri Shepherd with her current husband at one of their matchmaking parties.

“I think the things that we struggle with the most are those that we were created for,” Niecy said. “We were created to love.”


Niecy Nash: Let’s Talk About Love & It’s Hard To Fight Naked

Niecy Nash wants everyone to be as blissfully wed as she is. She’s set up her friends and let the world into her own romance. Niecy Nash’s Wedding Bash was on TLC and documented Niecy’s big day. She did a webseries, Let’s Talk About Love, where she talked to her girlfriends and it then evolved into this book, It’s Hard to Fight Naked.

Niecy said that women everywhere now want her to set them up. She tells them that they attract what they are. You should get into a relationship when you are your best self. When they ask themselves why they have crazy men in their lives, she tells them, “Girl, it’s because you’re crazy.”

Niecy’s best bit of advice that helped her snag her own man was sending him selfies every day. She said it shows him what he’s missing and it’s a cute way to flirt. Lara said she really enjoyed photobombing the selfies.

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