GMA: Nicole Kidman “Stoker” Review & How To Balance Family & Work Life


GMA: Nicole Kidman Stoker Review

GMA: Nicole Kidman "Stoker" Review & How To Balance Family & Work Life

Josh Elliott went down to Nashville to talk to Nicole Kidman about her new film, Stoker, and balancing her family life with Keith Urban. (Helga Esteb /

Actress Nicole Kidman was interviewed by Good Morning America’s Josh Elliott to talk about her new movie, Stoker, which she said was about the “genesis of violence and evil,” in the format of a scary genre film. The movie is a drama and full of suspense. The movie is her 44th film and she plays the unstable mother of a family in crisis in a small town. Nicole Kidman said when she was first approached to do the movie, she said she couldn’t be away from her family.


Nicole Kidman moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she married her husband, country music superstar and American Idol judge Keith Urban. The two stars have two young daughters. The movie’s producers asked her if she could do the film if they came to Nashville instead of her coming to them and she said yes.

Nicole Kidman: Balancing Work Life & Family Life

Keith Urban and their two children were at the studio in Nashville where the interview was filmed. Nicole Kidman said that she loves living in the city of her husband’s industry, because he’s able to work and do the things he needs to do, but the city still has a strong artistic vibe to it. She said they make time for each other and for the family in their busy careers. She said that sometimes, having a family gets in the way of things, but she said it’s all worth it, because when she looks back on her life when she’s 80, she’ll be glad she made that choice.

Josh Elliott said this was a great portrait of a successful working family. What do you think? How do you balance work and family life? Do you have any great stories about balancing the two? Share in the comments below!



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