GMA: Michael Douglas Liberace & Gay Love Scenes Behind the Candelabra


GMA: Michael Douglas Behind the Candelabra

About 13 years ago, Behind the Candelabra was just a thought in Steven Soderbergh’s head. He mentioned the project to Michael Douglas, years went by and Matt Damon signed on to play Liberace’s lover. The film is now slotted to premiere on HBO on May 26.

This is a stunningly different role for Douglas, who is used to playing adrenaline pumping, macho roles. The role of Liberace takes him to a new place in his acting. From power suits and Wall Street, to feathers, sequins and a piano. Michael Douglas said that he couldn’t learn to play the piano for the role, so he watched and copied Liberace’s hand movements. He really does look like he is playing the piano.


Michael Douglas & Matt Damon Practiced Their Love Scenes for Behind the Candelabra

GMA: Michael Douglas Liberace & Gay Love Scenes Behind the Candelabra

Michael Douglas told GMA that he lost himself and Matt Damon in his gay love scenes for Behind the Candelabra. The film premieres May 26 on HBO. (s_buckley /

The role also required Douglas to be flamboyant. He looks like he is having the time of his life, altering his voice and floating around the stage.

“As far as making out with Matt [Damon],” Douglas said. “It’s not so bad.”


Matt Damon plays Scott Thorson, Liberace’s lover and author of the memoir Behind the Candelabra. Douglas said that he and Matt did practice their love scenes and he forgot while he was watching that it was them playing the roles.

Michael Douglas: Catherine Zeta Jones Bipolar Disorder & Cameron Douglas Drug Charges

Liberace’s life was very private and secluded. He was not openly gay and he secluded his fans from his affairs. Michael Douglas can relate to that. His wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, recently went back into treatment for her bipolar disorder. He said that she is doing well. Zeta Jones is working on managing her life and medications.

Another cloud over Douglas’ head is his son Cameron. Cameron was recently sentenced to nine years in prison for drug-related charges. This is the longest sentence ever issued for having drugs and Douglas believe it is due, in part, to his famous last name.

Michael Douglas Beats Throat Cancer

Liberace’s death scene in the film was especially hard for Michael Douglas’ father, Kirk Douglas, to watch. Michael beat throat cancer three years ago. Kirk Douglas has seen his son’s film, but it was all a little too much for him to swallow.

Overcoming throat cancer, his wife’s bipolar issues and having a son in prison, Michael Douglas was still able to smile and laugh for his interview. He said that being a father again with his kids, Carys and Dylan, has brought a lot of joy to his life. Michael Douglas is truly a testament to staying strong and rolling with the punches.


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