GMA: Matthew Perry in Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding & Perry’s House Rehab


Good Morning America: Matthew Perry’s Addiction to Opiates

In terms of fictional characters women tend to go for, Chandler Bing was hot long before Edward Cullen was even imagined. Matthew Perry brought the lovable, laughable and cute boy next door to life on Friends, and now everyone is wondering: when will the cast be reuniting?

Unbeknownst to many, Matthew Perry had a dark secret when he was playing Chandler Bing. Perry had a problem with alcohol and opiates. He told ABC News that he was good at hiding it, especially from his castmates and friends. He couldn’t hide from the tabloids. People Magazine examined Perry’s every move and took note of his stints in rehab and constant yo-yo weight.


GMA: Matthew Perry in Jennifer Aniston's Wedding & Perry's House Rehab

Matthew Perry is opening up one of his homes to addicts coming out of rehab. Perry’s House is meant to aid in the transition period from rehab to life. (Helga Esteb /

“I honestly recoil,” he said. “It’s scary to look at that. I was a sick guy.”

Matthew Perry: Perry’s House Rehab Transition Home & Earl Hightower Champions of Recovery

Perry looks back at his tabloid days and thanks concerned citizens for keeping him in line. He said that he couldn’t walk into a bar without someone stopping him from drinking or hurting himself. Today, Matthew Perry is helping others with the same problems.


Perry’s House is a home where addicts and recovering patients can come and escape and get healthy. It really used to be Matthew Perry’s home, set high in the hill with a beautiful view of the ocean. He donated it to become a sober living home so that men coming out of rehab can adjust back to normal life.

Earl Hightower is a friend of Matthew Perry and he helped save his life. He smiles when he thinks of Perry because he is proud of the man he has become. They work with Champions of Recovery to help the nation get clean. Hightower and Perry even went to the White House to accept awards for their service.

“We’re award-winning alcoholics,” he joked.

Matthew Perry Going to Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding & Friends Reunion?

A recent appearance on Ellen had fans questioning, “Will there be a Friends reunion?” Perry says to slow down with that idea. He think the series wrapped so perfectly that there is no need to rehash the characters, events or bring in new story lines. He doesn’t want to tarnish the purity of the ending with a movie that might not be perfect.

However, there will be a mini-Friends reunion when Jennifer Aniston marries Justin Theroux. Perry confirmed he is going to the wedding and assumes that he will be in the wedding party. He was mum on the details, playing coy as to the date of the wedding. Knowing Perry and Aniston’s crew, they wedding could be happening right now and we wouldn’t know.


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