GMA: Matthew McConaughey Mud Review & Magic Mike Sequel in the Works?


GMA: Matthew McConaughey Mud Review

Some people are saying Matthew McConaughey is in a “McConassance,” and it seems like critics are running out of adjectives to describe his amazing performances as of late. They might even need to start thinking up new words to describe how excellent he is in the new movie MudMud focuses on McConaughey’s character, named Mud, who is on the run after committing a murder out of love. He soon finds himself trudging along the Mississippi River with two teenage boys who have agreed to help him find the love of his life.

Tye Sheridan, one of the teens in the movie, is the reason the movie has been getting so much attention, said McConaughey.


GMA: Matthew McConaughey Mud Review & Magic Mike Sequel in the Works?

Good Morning America talked with Matthew McConaughey about his role in the new film Mud, filming on an island in the Mississippi River and Magic Mike 2. (Featureflash /

“This is a coming of age story about him,” said McConaughey, who added that the movie is also about love and Mud teaching these two teenagers about what happens when the “idea of romance hits the ceiling of reality.”

Lara Spencer added that the movie is a like a cross between Huck Finn, The Fugitive and Stand By Me.


GMA: Mud Filmed On Island On Mississippi River

McConaughey said most of the shooting for the movie took place on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River. The only neighbors the film crew had were two donkeys and the tugboats heading down the river.

McConaughey said the river was what inspired his character Mud. He said he stayed on the island with his kids for a few days camping out and taking a short vacation. It was then that he really got into character.

GMA: Matthew McConaughey In a McConassance

Matthew McConaughey said there have been a lot of changes in his career but he said it was not as conscious as some people have made it seem. He said it was the roles he said no to that really helped him find the time to work on roles he really wanted to work on.

Matthew McConaughey: Magic Mike 2?

Lara Spencer really wanted to know if there was going to be a Magic Mike 2 and McConaughey said he has talked with some people about the possibility but he has no idea where it stands. But if the film ever comes to fruition then he would be happy to play the role of Dallas again.


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