GMA: Marlee Matlin Switched At Birth American Sign Language Episode


GMA: Marlee Matlin Switched At Birth Sign Language Episode

Actress Marlee Matlin came by Good Morning America March 4 2013 to talk about the landmark new episode of Switched at Birth, which will be the first in history to be aired on television entirely in American Sign Language. Marlee Matlin, who is deaf in real life, appeared with a translator, who facilitated the interview between her and Robin Roberts.

Matlin said it’s been an amazing journey for her, because she began in the business 28 years ago trying to get her language, American Sign Language, across to anyone watching television or movies. She said it’s going to be beautiful to show and highlight to the whole world the culture of American Sign Language.


GMA: Marlee Matlin Switched At Birth American Sign Language Episode

Marlee Matlin stopped by GMA March 4 2013 to talk about the new episode of Switched at Birth, which will air completely in American Sign Language. (s_bukley /

GMA: Marlee Matlin Switched At Birth Sign Language Episode Clip

The clip they showed of tonight’s Switched at Birth episode was extremely powerful. I’ve never seen the show, but Marlee Matlin and actress Lea Thompson were sitting at a dining room table signing to each other about how to get reporters to a high school presentation of Romeo And Juliet. The clip was completely silent. There wasn’t even background noise. The silence, plus the American Sign Language used by both actresses discussing something as everyday as a high school play, was really striking and wonderful. It’s going to be a great episode.

GMA: Marlee Matlin American Sign Language Culture

Marlee Matlin said that she really wants people to know about the American Sign Language culture. She said to be able to showcase the language on an entire hour of television is a wonderful, beautiful thing.


GMA: Marlee Matlin Deaf University President

The Switched at Birth episode is based on a true story. Gallaudet University, a university for the deaf and hard of hearing, had a protest in 1988 because the president of the university had always been a person who could hear and they wanted a deaf president to represent them. After a week of protests, the students got their wish in a new, deaf president. “Deaf people can do anything except hear,” Marlee Matlin said.

I’m actually going to check out this episode, even though I’ve never seen it before. What do you think? Will you be watching this episode of Switched at Birth?


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