GMA: Marie Osmond “The Key Is Love” New Book & Her Daughter Comes Out


GMA: Marie Osmond The Key Is Love

Marie Osmond came by to talk about her new book The Key Is Love. She said it started when she was looking through her mother’s journals. She said she really wanted to do something to honor her mother and that her mother’s wisdom inspired her to write it. She said the one piece of wisdom she was most grateful for was to love herself.

GMA: Marie Osmond Son’s Suicide

GMA: Marie Osmond "The Key Is Love" New Book & Her Daughter Comes Out

Marie Osmond came by GMA April 1 2013 to talk about new book, The Key Is Love, her son’s suicide, her daughter coming out to her and Dancing With the Stars. (Helga Esteb /


Marie Osmond’s son Michael committed suicide about two years ago. Marie said that the day her son died, she had a feeling something was wrong. She said it was her woman’s intuition. She also said that losing a child is worse than losing parents, because it’s not something that is ever supposed to happen.

Marie Osmond: Daughter Coming Out

Marie Osmond writes about her daughter coming out to her as a lesbian at the age of 17. Osmond said that it goes back to the idea of the key being love. Osmond said she wants to best for all of her children. George Stephanopoulos asked her if she wanted to see her daughter get married. Osmond said she wanted her daughter to do whatever she wanted and joked that she didn’t think anyone should be able to get married until they’re 23.

GMA: Marie Osmond Dancing With the Stars

Marie Osmond is a former contestant onDancing with the Stars so George Stephanopoulos asked her if she had a favorite. She said that Andy Dick came on her show Marie and the two practiced fainting together in case he won. She said that she thought he was doing very well.



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