GMA: Madonna: The MDNA Tour Premier & Working Out With Madonna


GMA: Madonna: The MDNA Tour

For years, Madonna fans have been showing her their love, and Madonna returned that love on Saturday night, just hours before her concert event, Madonna: The MDNA Tour premiered on Epix, the pop queen invited 500 of her biggest fans to audition for the chance to work out with her. Learning the moves that the pop star uses on her tours, the hopefuls got a chance to get a look at just what a pop star has to go through to prepare herself for a world tour.

Madonna said she loved getting in a room and sweating with people, and was more than happy to share her workouts with everyone. The practices start easy by practicing the intricate moves in sneakers, then in heels that are not too high, all before performing the dances in stiletto heels.


GMA: Is The MDNA Tour Violent?

GMA: Madonna: The MDNA Tour Premier & Working Out With Madonna

On the premier of Madonna: The MDNA Tour, Madonna invited fans to work out with her.

Madonna’s tour wasn’t without its hitches, however. With the show relying heavily on the use of guns in what Madonna said was a narrative about a vixen in search of revenge, the show drew criticism for the violent imagery, especially in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. Madonna made a strong statement against violence, and said the two events are in no way related. While her show was art, the Sandy Hook shootings were a savage act of actual violence carried out by a child that wasn’t monitored properly by his mother.

GMA: Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes And Son Rocco

Speaking of parenting, Madonna kept a close eye on her own children during her tour, taking them on the road with her. Her daughter Lourdes, for example, worked in the wardrobe department. Her son Rocco was more than happy to go on the tour, pulling off wild dance moves for the crowd.


While these things may make Madonna sound like a loose mother, she actually runs quite a tight ship. Her one daughter just got an iPhone at age 16, and her son doesn’t even have a phone. “Ever since my daughter got an iPhone, she stopped talking to me.” Madonna admitted that she is quite scared to see her son and daughter growing up, with Rocco starting to pay more attention to females and her daughter becoming a woman.

GMA: Madonna Can’t Imagine Herself Not Performing

In a quick lightning round of questions, Madonna said that she would love to improve on her impatience, is guilty of eating Magnum bars before going to bed every night, eats a lot of french fries, sees her children as the biggest love of her life, might want to get married, and can’t imagine a time where she is not performing.

GMA: Madonna’s Trainer, Nicole Winhoffer

Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna’s trainer, said that Madonna works out six days a week, and works out hard. The two have eight gyms open around the world, and incorporate their workout moves into their performances.


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