GMA: Lily Tomlin Malibu Country Review & Playing Reba McEntire’s Mom


GMA: Lily Tomlin’s Career

Lily Tomlin, star of ABC’s Malibu Country, came by Good Morning America March 7 2013. The star is a comedy and acting legend, with roles ranging from The Beverly Hillbillies to Laugh-In to The West Wing. Also, I have recently learned that Lily Tomlin also played Ms. Frizzle, the teacher in The Magic School Bus, which, alongside Bill Nye the Science Guy, basically taught me everything I know about science. Which, admittedly, isn’t much. Still, the show was still very informative and influential for a lot of 20-somethings and is sure to invoke nostalgia in just about any of one of us who learned about blood cells from the episode where the Magic School Bus shrunk and went inside the body, or space from the episode where the Magic School Bus explores the solar system because the planetarium was closed that day.

GMA: Lily Tomlin Malibu Country Review & Playing Reba McEntire's Mom

Lily Tomlin, star of Malibu Country, came by GMA to talk about her new television show, her new movie and what people best remember her for. (s_bukley /


GMA: Lily Tomlin Malibu Country 

Today, Lily Tomlin isn’t teaching us about science as the voice of a cartoon teacher or making us laugh with improv comedy like she did in Laugh-In. Now, she stars in Malibu Country alongside Reba McEntire and George Stephanopoulos wondered how she got involved with Reba.

Lily Tomlin said that she’s known her for a while, because her brother lives in Nashville and she’d see her from time to time when she went to visit her brother. She said she was also an adoring fan and when she got offered the job, she thought it’d be great. Tomlin said that they let her name the character after her mother and let her wear a white wig, which reminded her of her mother. On the show, she plays Reba’s mother. Tomlin said that even though in the show Reba McEntire’s character thinks she’s only going to be raising two kids by herself, she learns that she’s actually raising three, because Lily Tomlin’s character is such a goofball.

GMA: Lily Tomlin Admission Role

Lily Tomlin is also starring in the new movie Admission, where she plays the mother of Tina Fey’s character, a feminist from the old days who lives by a strict feminist doctrine.


GMA: Lily Tomlin Laugh-In Memories

George Stephanopoulos asked Lily Tomlin what it is that people know her for, since she’s worked in so many different things and has had such a long career. Even though I obviously know her best from Magic School Bus, Lily Tomlin said that those who are still alive to remember it best remember her from her characters from Laugh-In. 

Tomlin said that once when she was at a restaurant, a whole table of middle-aged people put their napkins on their head, called to her and said, “And that’s the truth,” before sticking their tongues out. She said she couldn’t believe it.

What do you best remember Lily Tomlin for? Let us know in the comments!


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