GMA: Leonardo DiCaprio on Jay Gatsby & 11th Hour Auction at Christie’s


Leonardo DiCaprio Takes On Eccentric Billionaire Jay Gatsby

GMA: Leonardo DiCaprio on Jay Gatsby & 11th Hour Auction at Christie's

Leonardo DiCaprio trades Rose for a Daisy in The Great Gatsby, out May 11. His auction to support wildlife, 11th Hour, is at Christie’s on May 13 2013. (Image Credit: Featureflash /

Leonardo DiCaprio said that Jay Gatsby is a character of relentless hope. It was his obsession with Daisy Buchanan and repeating the past that really attracted him to this role.


In a clip from The Great Gatsby, out May 10, Leonardo gives a stunning performance talking to Nick Carraway (Tobey MacGuire) about repeating the past and reliving his glory days. For Jay Gatsby, the glory days are those that he spent with Daisy by his side.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Baz Luhrman Made the 1920’s Roar In The Great Gatsby

Before taking on the role of the eccentric billionaire Gatsby, Leonardo was given a first edition of The Great Gatsby by director Baz Luhrmann. Leo and Baz worked together on Romeo + Juliet. He read the book first in junior high and read it like a love story. DiCaprio understood Gatsby’s obsessions, but rereading it gave new meaning. The symbolism meant a lot more at an older age.

“He really made the 1920’s roar in this film,” Leonardo said. He said that it was hard to say no to Baz Luhrmann. He created this beautiful and magical world that Fitzgerald first let readers into.


He said the film was attempted like a stage production. The final scene is 10 minutes long and includes the last climax in the story, the big fight. They “rehearsed it like a theater company,” he said. You are immersed in the film and “feel the heat in the room, that Fitzgerald so describes.”

Leonardo DiCaprio’s 11th Hour Art Auction At Christie’s For Animal Conservation & Protection

Leonardo DiCaprio recently announced that he plans on taking a break from acting to travel the world and do some good. Starting off his journey, Leo is sponsoring an auction with Christie’s for The 11th Hour. It supports animals and raises awareness of issues, something that has been close to Leo’s heart for many years.

He said that only two percent of the funds from philanthropy end up going directly to the problems they support. He wants to change this. 33 great contemporary artists have donated pieces to the auction that will take place on May 13. All of the proceeds go to conservation and preservation of animals and their environments. You can check everything out online and bid on the Christie’s website.


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