GMA Lara Spencer Meets Twin Taylor Hill & Caroline Kennedy Poetry Book


GMA: Lara Spencer Meets Her Double

Good Morning America held a contest to find the doubles of each of the anchors. Fans could send in photos and videos of themselves, in order to be chosen to come to the studio and meet the anchors and the host they most look like. First up was Lara Spencer. Josh Elliot said he thought she would be hard to replace. They played a video clip of several unique Lara Spencer moments. But they found Lara Spencer’s twin after all.

It turns out Lara Spencer’s twin loves flea marketing, just like Lara. Lara couldn’t believe it when she met her. Taylor Hill, the twin, is studying musical theater. Lara asked her if she liked chardonnay and Taylor said she did. Lara said, “She is me!” Taylor said that random strangers came up to her and told her to enter the contest, even after she’d already done so. Sam Champion put his arms around Lara Spencer and Taylor Hill, standing between them, as he did the weather and seemed to be enjoying himself. George Stephanopoulos is next and will meet his twin March 27 2013.


GMA Lara Spencer Meets Twin Taylor Hill & Caroline Kennedy Poetry Book

Caroline Kennedy talked to GMA about her new book, Poems To Learn By Heart, on March 26 2013. (stocklight /

I think if I was a host on a morning news or talk show, I’d probably use that power to find my twin, too. Lara Spencer and her twin Taylor Hill looked so much alike it was eerie.

Would you ever want to meet your double?


GMA: Caroline Kennedy’s Favorite Poems

Although no one commented on this, correspondent David Muir, who ran the next segment, was a dead ringer for Adrian Brody. Anyway, Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of President John F. Kennedy, was photographed a lot as a child with her parents reading. Now all grown up, Caroline Kennedy has a book of her own, Poems To Learn By Heart. She wrote the book to encourage children to learn the joys of reading poetry. Caroline Kennedy said that her mother taught her a poem when she was three and she would recite it to her father a lot.

“Words and ideas have the power to change your life,” Caroline Kennedy said.

What do you think about poetry? Do you have a favorite poem? Let us know in the comments!



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