GMA Kim Kardashian Temptation Role & Wearing High Heels While Pregnant


GMA: Kim Kardashian Temptation Role

Kim Kardashian came by Good Morning America March 26 2013 to talk about her new movie, Tyler Perry’s Temptation. Kim Kardashian said it was a lot different than the reality show she does. In the movie, she plays a much meaner person than she is in real life as well. She said she brought some of that snarkiness of the role into her real life, but it didn’t last very long. “I’m not the snarky one, but it was fun to play that character,” she said.

She said she was comfortable in front of the camera, because she was used to it from the reality show. But she said there was an added pressure because there are so many people counting on you and you want to make sure you get it right.


GMA Kim Kardashian Temptation Role & Wearing High Heels While Pregnant

Kim Kardashian came by GMA March 26 2013 to talk about her pregnancy and her new movie, Temptation. (Featureflash /

GMA: Kim Kardashian Lessons From Temptation

Kim Kardashian said that the Temptation movie does a good job of putting temptation not just on the man, but also on the woman. The movie is about a woman who is considering cheating on her husband. Kim Kardashian said, “The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it.”

GMA: Kim Kardashian Kanye West Relationship

Kim Kardashian said that she thought there is temptation in every relationship. She said as long as you have a strong relationship and you make that a priority, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.


GMA: Kim Kardashian Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian said she loves wearing high heels and that her theory is “happy mommy, happy baby.” She’s trying out flats, but she said she’d rather wear high heels. Even though GMA just ran a story about pregnant women wearing heels, Lara Spencer didn’t mention the possible risks to the baby wearing heels when you’re pregnant causes. Still, there’s some validity to Kim Kardashian’s theory. If the mother’s happy and the baby’s healthy, who are we to judge?

What do you think? Should pregnant women stay away from wearing high heels? And will you be watching Temptation?


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