GMA: Kim Kardashian Met Gala Fail & Sarah Jessica Parker Mohawk Trend


Met Gala Brings Out Superstar Punk

Fashion’s very own Super Bowl is the costume ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Last night’s Met Gala was punk themed and had the stars wearing some fashion forward looks, but also bringing in blasts from the past. Let’s get a little Joan Rivers and rate these babes and blunders, shall we?

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Mohawk + Ballgown

Carrie Bradshaw would approve of elements of this ensemble. From the tippy top of her mohawk headdress, Sarah Jessica Parker was the image of punk princess. Scrolling down we see a lovely washed out gown, nothing much to say about that. The hideous and horrible collide in her choice of footwear. She tried to combine a tartan pattern with thigh high boots, a watercolor dress and mohawk with big braids. Clash of the fashion titans everywhere. These boots wouldn’t have been bad had she gone for that look throughout. This power clashing didn’t work.


GMA: Kim Kardashian Met Gala Fail & Sarah Jessica Parker Mohawk Trend

Kim Kardashian’s pregnant belly was squeezed into hideous florals and Sarah Jessica Parker thought her boots matched her mohawk for the Met Gala. (Image Credit: s_bukley /

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods At Met Gala

Stealing the show in nothing memorable, Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods graced the red carpet. Seeing as they are not fashion icons, why they received one of the coveted 700 invites is beyond me. Probably just to stir the pot of drama. Vonn wore a very blah white dress and Tiger was in a suit. Let’s move on to someone more glamorous.

Anne Hathaway’s Blonde Hair: Do Or Don’t?

I’m intrigued by Anne Hathaway’s new blonde hair. It’s not horrible, but it doesn’t do her many favors. In fact, I first thought that it was Lindsey Lohan. The blonde washes her out and makes her look older. Two things you never want.


Another hair malfunction, the always questionable Miley Cyrus. Her Draco Malfoy-esque boy cut was spiked out last night, fitting with the theme. Unfortunately, it was not flattering. Paired with her sheer dress, Miley looked like a wasted rock groupie. But I guess she’s just being Miley.

Madonna Wears Givenchy At Met Gala

Madonna had some interesting advice, “choose your underwear well.” Strutting her punk rock best, Madonna wore a wig and Givenchy ensemble with a choker bedazzled with a padlock. If only her face weren’t so pale. The look is tres punk, but the tone of her skin made her look like Marilyn Manson’s date.

Someone doing it right, finally, was Nicole Richie. She did an up do and colored it white-silver. Her ears were encrusted with studs and spikes and her face was made up to be glamourous with a deep red lip. The honorary chair of the evening, Beyonce’s look was also right on the money. She wore Givenchy.

Kim Kardashian Fails At Met Gala

My vote for biggest flop: Kim Kardashian. I find myself laughing out loud at Kim K more often. I feel like I shouldn’t because she is pregnant and can’t control her growing belly, but she can control what she puts on it. Kim wore a floral patterned dress that hugged all the wrong areas. She would have been better in all black with some radical jewels and spikes on her shoulders and hair.


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