GMA: Kerry Washington Peeples Comedy Review & Girl Rising Documentary


GMA: Kerry Washington In Peeples 

In Peeples, Kerry Washington’s character gets into hot water when she doesn’t tell her family about the man she is seeing. He suddenly shows up at their family reunion and she has to explain to everyone that she’s marrying him.

The role is a 180 from her role on ScandalWashington has done comedy before, but now more than ever, she says, the world needs a reason to laugh. The film will leave you feeling good about life, love and family.


Kerry Washington In Peeples

Kerry Washington took a break from her serious drama, Scandal, to give people something to laugh about with Peeples, out May 10. (image credit: Helga Esteb /

Behind the Scenes Of Peeples With Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington said that what went on behind the scenes was a comedy in itself. The cast bonded over a piano that the producers had to restrict because it interrupted filming. Washington said this movie has David Allen Grier like you’ve never seen him before. Craig Robinson plays Washington’s boyfriend. She called him a hilarious “big teddy bear.”

Peeples, produced by Tyler Perry, comes out on May 10.


Kerry Washington Voices Story In Girl Rising

Also on Kerry Washington’s schedule is the new documentary Girl Rising. She lends her voice to the story of a young girl in a country where education is not a priority for women. She said that the film showcases “the power of education to transform the lives of young girls.”

Stars like Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep also lend their voices to the film. 66 million girls around the world are not in school. This movement hopes to change the lives of young women with education.

GMA: Secrets Of Scandal 

The cast of Scandal will be back on Tuesday May 14 2013 to give secrets from the show to fans. They plan to take over GMA.

GMA: Natalie Maines Performs With Ben Harper

If the name Natalie Maines sounds familiar, it should. She was a part of the country chick power band, The Dixie Chicks. You may be picturing cowboy boots and blonde locks. No more are the days of Dixie. Natalie has traded her blonde hair for a brunette pompadour. Think P!nk, but country. The look is a fresh start that suits her well.

Natalie Maines still had her amazing voice, but this sound is a little more Melissa Ethridge. She’s put her cowboy boots away for heels, a miniskirt and a matching black blazer. This harsh look clashed with her flowered guitar. In all, the new sound is interesting and worth a listen.


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