GMA: Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan “Live!” Interview


GMA: Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan

Good Morning America: Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan discussed becoming the new "Live!" co-host on GMA. (s_bukley /

On GMA September 5, Sam Champion joined Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan at the new Live! with Kelly and Michael studio. When Regis Philbin departed from the show almost a year ago, he definitely left big shoes to fill. Fans of Live! had to wait months and months, enjoying a slew of guest co-hosts, until they found the perfect replacement. In the end, Super Bowl Champion Michael Strahan turned out to be the best man for the job!


Michael’s big reveal took place on yesterday’s show, and Michael and Kelly were still getting used to the new dynamic. Sam said that the set feels “manlier” to him, and Kelly joked that it’s because they have now installed testosterone-dispensing machines.

Michael Strahan: Becoming the New Co-Host

Michael said that yesterday, as he got out of the car, the only thing he kept thinking was “don’t fall!” As he made his way into the studio, Kelly ran into his arms and he swept her off her feet, literally. Michael said it was like a movie. He also admitted that he didn’t realize how high off the ground she was until he saw the video footage afterwards!

The first people that Michael told when he was offered the co-hosting job were his fiance, Nicole, and his parents. Kelly told him the news herself, because Live! is very much like a family. Kelly explained that her children and now, Michael’s four kids, will continue to be a big part of the show. It’s part of what makes people want to tune in: the relatability factor.


GMA: Live! with Kelly and Michael

For personal stories, great celebrity interviews, and much more, check out Live! with its brand new dynamic duo, Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan. Check your local listings so you don’t miss a minute of the show’s exciting new season.



  1. Shar says

    You should get a different co-host. The inappropriate gestures that Michael does are not for daytime TV. If he is not able to refrain for those gestures he needs to be on late late nite tv

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