GMA: Kelly Osbourne Dating Chef Matthew Mosshart & Ozzy 94 Days Sober


Kelly Osbourne: Seizure on E!’s Fashion Police

Earlier this year, Kelly Osbourne suffered a sudden seizure on the set of her show E!’s Fashion Police. Since then, Kelly Osbourne’s fanbase has rallied behind her and she’s gained even more respect for her strength and health goals.

Kelly said there was no medical reason for her seizure. She is currently on medicine and if she makes it through six months without another episode she may never have another one. She said that it’s not that rare. Doctors told her that everyone on the planet will, at some point, have a seizure or a pre-seizure.


GMA: Kelly Osbourne Dating Chef Matthew Mosshart & Ozzy 94 Days Sober

Kelly Osbourne said she was sick and tired of hating herself and decided to change her life. The weight loss and dieting were just a plus. (Helga Esteb /

“Mine just had to be while I was filming Fashion Police,” she said with a smile.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss & Ozzy Osbourne Battle With Addiction

Also in the last few years, Kelly Osbourne has lost 70 pounds. She said that includes gaining and losing along the way. It was all to feel better and get healthy. She said that becoming healthy did not start with dieting.


“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I was sick and tired of not liking myself for no reason,” she said.

Kelly has battled addiction her entire life. She said she takes the proper steps to ensure that she doesn’t fall off the wagon again. Earlier this year, her father, Ozzy Osbourne, came clean about his setbacks and got help. Kelly said her father is 94 days sober, as of this interview, and it’s been incredible to see him bounce back.

Kelly said that her parents relationship was not in jeopardy. The media claimed that Sharon Osbourne moved out and left Ozzy after his recent setbacks. Kelly said that her mother just moved into their new home while Ozzy was touring.

Kelly Osbourne Dating Matthew Mosshart

For the last two years, Kelly has been sharing her life with Matthew Mosshart, a vegan chef. She glows with love but says that an engagement is not in the cards just now. If you want to know if they are getting engaged, you’ll have to ask him.

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A final word for her fellow child stars: Kelly is living proof that it does get better. However, they have to be willing to change.

“They’re fighting a battle that they cannot win,” Kelly said.

For the young women and men caught in their addictions and fame, Kelly said that it’s up to them to change their lives.


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