GMA: Katie Couric Oscar Special & Outrageous Moments Of the Oscars


GMA: Katie Couric Funniest Oscar Moments

Katie Couric stopped by Good Morning America February 20 2013 to talk about her special about the Academy Awards on ABC. She went into the archives to find the most outrageous moments of the Academy Awards and showed some of those moments on GMA.

Because the awards show is live, anything at all can happen, no matter how well-scripted. The first few clips were of several fumbles, like stars getting their words wrong or tripping. There was a clip of Jennifer Garner tripping twice before saying into the microphone, “Thank you. I do my own stunts.”


GMA: Katie Couric Oscar Special & Outrageous Moments Of the Oscars

Katie Couric came by GMA to talk about her special on ABC February 20 2013 about the most outrageous moments of the Oscars. (s_bukley /

There were also several clips of random things falling from the ceiling and stars looking around for envelopes.

GMA: Clint Eastwood Taking Over Hosting

During the 1973 Oscars, Charlton Heston, who was supposed to host, was late. So Clint Eastwood was plucked from the audience 12 minutes into the show to take over. The actor famous for playing cowboys seemed visibly uncomfortable on stage.


“Come on, flip the card, man. This isn’t my bag, I’ll tell you,” Clint Eastwood said into the microphone to the man responsible for the cue cards. Finally, Charlton Heston arrived and Clint Eastwood greeted him happily.

This moment seemed doubly weird to me, because up until the moment when I first saw Gran Torino and Clint Eastwood became distinct in my mind, I always got these two actors confused.

GMA: Adrian Brody Halle Berry Kiss

Then came the weirdest moment of all. At the 2003 Academy Awards, upon accepting his award, Adrian Brody planted a kiss on presenter Halle Berry. “I’ll bet they didn’t tell you that was in the gift bag,” Adrian Brody said. I wonder if Brody decided he was going to do that before or after he won the award or if it was completely impromptu.

GMA: Most Shocking Oscar Moment

During the 46th Academy Awards, while David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor, a man ran naked behind him, flashing a peace sign. “Probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings,” David Niven said. Elizabeth Taylor, though, didn’t recover as well. She seemed very bothered by it and said it was a hard act to follow.


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