GMA: Kate Upton Turns Down Prom Invite & Teens Worry About “Thigh Gap”


GMA: Paris Hilton & Kardashian Controversial Ford Ad

Larry Hackett, Managing Editor of People magazine and frequent commentator on Good Morning America, stopped by to comment on the headlines. First up was a pulled Ford ad from India that had a cartoon Paris Hilton in the front seat and all three Kardashians in the trunk tied up, one of which was in a bikini for some reason. Larry Hackett called it “tasteless” and I’d have to agree. I’d also like to sit in on a meeting where advertisers were throwing ideas like this ad around. What was their intention for the ad, besides making everyone uncomfortable?

GMA: Kate Upton Turns Down Prom Invite & Teens Worry About "Thigh Gap"

Kate Upton politely declined an invitation to the prom from a young man who invited her over YouTube. (Joe Seer /


GMA: Kate Upton Politely Turns Down Prom Invite

A boy made a prom invitation video for Kate Upton, perhaps inspired by the prom invitation videos that Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis received (and whose invitations they accepted). Kate Upton, if you’re living under a rock, is the supermodel who graced not one, but two Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covers. Kate Upton politely declined the offer, which Larry Hackett thought was a good choice, because what about the 10,000 prom invitation videos for Kate Upton that came after it? Which reminds me – Kate Upton, if you’re reading, want to go to prom with me?

GMA: Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth Dating Or Not?

Just about every day, GMA has reported on the will-they won’t-they spectacle of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. Everyone is wondering, is she wearing the ring? Are they together? Brace yourself, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth fans. After four weeks away in the Phillipines, Liam Hemsworth seems to have gotten back together with Miley Cyrus. It looks like we’re not seeing the last of this couple.

GMA: Teenage Girls Worry About the “Thigh Gap”

GMA reported that a lot of teenage girls are worried about a new thing called “thigh gap.” A high school junior named Hailee Perez explained that a thigh gap is when a girl is standing with her feet together and there’s a gap between her thighs. Even though Hailee Perez seemed to want this for herself, I was confused. This particular teenage girl kind of looked like Lea Michele from Glee. Why is she concerned about her body image?


The four high school girls GMA talked to all said that boys don’t really care about the thigh gap and didn’t really know what it is. Being a boy, maybe that’s why I don’t understand it. The girls said that it’s a status thing. I asked a female friend of mine and she said it’s been an issue for a long time. I had no idea.

Are you worried about having the thigh gap? Why do you think young girls are so concerned about this?


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