GMA: Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Vs Princess Diana & Royal Wizard Duel


Royal Baby Watch: One Month Until Kate Middleton Gives Birth

GMA: Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Vs Princess Diana & Royal Wizard Duel

Kate Middleton is due to give birth in one month. We look back on her pregnancy versus Princess Diana’s and her recent Royal Wizard duel with Prince Will. (Featureflash /

The date: June 4 2013. That means we have one month until the most anticipated Royal event since the wedding of Catherine Middleton to Prince William. I had a countdown to the Royal Wedding, but the Royal Birth means so much more. Instead of wedding dress designers, we’ll be analyzing prams, nannies and baby clothes.


Kate Middlton Hospitalized With Acute Morning Sickness

Things got off to a bumpy start. Kate was hospitalized with acute morning sickness, leaving the world holding their breath for the young mother-to-be and baby’s health. Or should I say, babies? The acute morning sickness Kate suffered was a type that mothers expecting twins usually get. The Royal shot down that blessed rumor pretty quickly.

Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Wizards Duel

Then there was the bump itself. An avid sports fan and healthy woman, Kate Middleton didn’t start showing her pregnancy until just a few months ago. After overcoming the acute morning sickness, Kate couldn’t be kept down. She dressed up, dressed down and traveled all around. She, Prince William, and Prince Harry took a trip to Leavesden Studios, where they learned to duel Voldemort in Harry Potter’s old stomping grounds.


Prince William’s Royal Birth Announcement

The royal baby’s birth will be announced in the same way that Prince William’s was—via a paper announcement outside Buckingham Palace. William will not be seen riding in the same car as his child after the birth. Should a car accident or something horrible happen, the Royals would be down two generations. Therefore, they ride separately. Prince William will get to push his child in strollers, though.

Princess Diana’s Pregnancy Vs Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy

William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, got ready for his birth by shopping for her own baby gear. She was very low key. Kate has been seen shopping at Gap and other large retailers for her bundle of joy.

Kate and Diana’s pregnancy fashion has been similar, but yet different. They both love the flowing dresses and polka dots. Kate’s favorite TopShop dress sold out in an hour after she wore it. Diana wore her iconic collared dresses. Kate has also worn high end designers and had tons of energy at the end of this pregnancy, while Diana seemed to peter out.

Kate Middleton Spending Time With Middleton Family After Birth

After the birth, Kate and Will will be splitting their time between Kensington Palace and Kate’s childhood home of Bucklebury. Their home, Kensington Palace apartment 1A, is not in a state to live in at the moment. While it is being fixed up, Kate’s mother Carol is going to be helping her daughter with their first grandchild.

The similarities between Princess Diana and Duchess Catherine are endless. They both have style, class, and a sense of privacy. While Kate can’t be kept down at the moment, she will surely be taking things slow after the birth of her first child.


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