GMA: Kate Hudson Role in Mira Nair Film The Reluctant Fundamentalist


GMA: Kate Hudson The Reluctant Fundamentalist Review

Kate Hudson is starring in a new role like you have never seen her before. She plays a grieving artist who starts a new relationship with a Pakistani man right before September 11 2001 in the new film The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Robin Roberts called the film “provocative and thought provoking,” and Hudson agreed. She said the director of the film, Mira Nair, used the word fundamentalist to teach the audience about the true meaning of the word.

“Mira strips it down to black and white, loses the empathy and the human connection and tells the story of a young man who is searching for what it is to connect,” said Hudson of the movie.


GMA: Kate Hudson Role in Mira Nair Film The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Kate Hudson stopped by the set of Good Morning America to talk with Robin Roberts about her role in the Mira Nair film The Reluctant Fundamentalist. (image credit: Photo Works,

Hudson went on to say Nair used 9/11 as a political backdrop and she incorporated some very broad themes into the film. Hudson said she knew it was a role she had to take when the director offered it to her. She said it is not often when a role like this is given to her. But it wasn’t easy for her to accept the role. Hudson had just given birth to her child and she was exhausted. On the set she would be breast feeding one moment and the next she would be crying for the cameras.

“Only Mira could have gotten me to take the role at that time,” she said of the director.


GMA: Kate Hudson Loves Watching Jerry Maguire

Kate Hudson really wanted a lightening round with Robin Roberts so she gave her a couple questions to answer on her feet.

What songs make you happy every time you hear them? – Hudson said “Good Day Sunshine,” “The Fun Song” and “Panic Station” by Muse.

What movie can you watch over and over? – Jerry Maguire

Worst fashion trend you have fallen victim to? – Flats. Hudson said she wears flats all the time but they do not look good on her.

If you want to see more of Kate Hudson, you can check out The Reluctant Fundamentalist which opens in select theaters this Friday, April 26 2013.


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