GMA: John Travolta Killing Season Accent & Acting With Robert De Niro


Good Morning America: John Travolta Commemorates James Gandolfini

John Travolta has 50 films and two Oscar nominations under his belt, and now, he is finally getting the opportunity to link up with Robert De Niro in their first onscreen appearance together, Killing Season. Before the interview got started about the movie, however, Travolta took the time to commemorate James Gandolfini, who stayed with Travolta in Florida after his son died until he knew he would be okay.

James Gandolfini actually said that he was inspired by John Travolta, who was inspired by Robert De Niro. In De Niro’s days of Raging Bull and New York, New York, Travolta was struck by the level of realism that De Niro brought to the screen.


Good Morning America: Killing Season Preview

GMA: John Travolta Killing Season Preview & Acting With Robert De NIro

John Travolta saw a dream come true when he got the chance act with Robert De Niro in Killing Season. (Featureflash /

In Killing Season, Robert De Niro is an ex-American soldier, and John Travolta is an ex-Serbian soldier, both of whom are tied together by  a mysterious past, which De Niro’s character isn’t entirely aware of. Travolta’s Serbian character is posing as a tourist, whom De Niro recognizes as Serbian, but not that he has any ties to him.

To help himself get into character, John Travolta traveled to Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia  with his own money to study the cultures, recording many interviews with natives so that he may understand the complicated nature of the Bosnian War. When he returned home, Travolta was fully studied on the Serbian culture and then hired a vocal coach to help him get his character’s accent down.


Travolta said that learning the accent took a lot of practice and that speaking it comes from a very specific point in the mouth.Whatever that means, it sounds complicated, but we will find out if all the practice paid off on July 12 2013 when John Travolta and Robert De Niro’s Killing Season is released.


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