GMA: John Mayer Breakup Haircut & Ryan Gosling Is A Good Listener


GMA: John Mayer Breakup With Katy Perry & New Hairstyle

GMA: John Mayer Breakup Haircut

John Mayer showed off a new hairstyle this weekend after ending his relationship with Katy Perry. (s_bukley /

“Breakup haircuts” aren’t just for girls anymore. Last week singer John Mayer ended things with pop star Katy Perry, and the next day he debuted a new ‘do. Mayer traded a chin-length look that was eerily similar to Perry’s for a clean-cut shorter style. Mayer showed of his new locks at LA’s SkyBar Saturday night.


Women Like Ryan Gosling Because He’s a Good Listener

Ryan Gosling thinks women are into him because he’s a good listener. Gosling says in a new interview that he thinks women are into him because his mom and older sister taught him to respect women and he has always felt a strong emotional connection to them. Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer said Gosling’s hot bod just adds to the appeal.

Cell Phone Lingo: “Intexicated,” “Ringxiety” and “Notspot”

Lara Spencer gave viewers a cell phone vocabulary lesson Monday morning.

  • “Intexicated” means being totally oblivious to what’s going on because you’re so distracted by your phone and in the moment.
  • “Ringxiety” is the stress you experience when you hear your ringtone but it’s actually someone else’s phone, also known as a sort of “phantom ring.”
  • Finally, a “notspot” is a spot with no cell service.

These are words that are now published in the Chambers Thesaurus. Among a few non-technology words that made it in: “butters,” which means ugly and “glamping,” which means camping in a glamorous setting (which is Lara’s favorite as she prefers a hotel).


These words need to stand the test of time in order to get into the dictionary but they are now on their way. GMA’s Josh Elliott compared it to becoming a saint in that there are several steps that the words have to go through, similar to canonization.


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