GMA: Joel Edgerton The Great Gatsby Review & Playing Tom Buchanan


GMA: Joel Edgerton Playing Tom Buchanan

GMA talked to Joel Edgerton, who plays Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. For those who haven’t read The Great Gatsby since high school English, Tom Buchanan is the racist, womanizing and selfish antagonist of the book, who is married to Daisy, the woman who Jay Gatsby does everything he does in the book for. You might remember a high school English teacher saying that either Daisy or the infamous green light across the lake symbolized the American Dream. If that was true, like my own 10th grade teacher told me, then Tom Buchanan represents all the horrible things in America.

GMA: Joel Edgerton The Great Gatsby Review & Playing Tom Buchanan

Joel Edgerton stopped by GMA May 3 2013 to talk about playing Tom Buchanan in the hotly anticipated film adaption of The Great Gatsby and what it was like to wear those great costumes. (image credit: Jaguar PS /


He took the role after Ben Affleck stepped down. “He was going to be Tom, but thankfully someone gave him a pile of money to make Argo and made us both very happy.” Liz Vargas read a passage from the book that called Tom Buchanan and his wife Daisy “careless people.” Joel Edgerton said she should read stories for a job.

Joel Edgerton said that Tom Buchanan was a lot of fun to play because he’s “all the things you would hate to recognize in yourself.” Edgerton said it was nice to go home and not be that person. “Tom is all the things I’m not,” Edgerton said.

Joel Edgerton Leonardo DiCaprio Fight?

Reportedly, things got tense on the set between Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Jay Gatsby, and Joel Edgerton. But Edgerton said that was taken out of context. He said some of the tense scenes between them were filmed over a number of days, so on set they were tense because their characters needed to be, but off-set they got along great.


Joel Edgerton’s Great Gatsby Costumes

Joel Edgerton said that the clothes from The Great Gatsby were “just a gift for the actors.” He said his own clothes were boring compared to everyone else’s clothes, but they were a lot of fun to wear. He said he would like to steal all the clothes and wear them all the time to become a nicer version of Tom Buchanan.

Joel Edgerton Warrior

Liz Vargas said she was a huge fan of Warrior, another film Joel Edgerton did. Edgerton said a lot of training went into that film and seemed genuinely touched that Liz Vargas mentioned it.


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