GMA: Joe Zee “All On The Line” Interview


GMA: Joe Zee “All On The Line”

Originally from Hong Kong, Joe Zee has built an incredible career in the world of American fashion. Joe is a stylist, as well as the creative director of Elle Magazine. Joe hosts and appears in his own reality show on the Sundance channel, All on The Line with Joe Zee. On the show, Joe uses his expertise to help struggling designers achieve success.

GMA: Prajje Jean-Baptiste

GMA: Joe Zee "All On The Line" Interview

Lara Spencer's dress, created on "All On The Line with Joe Zee," was unveiled on GMA September 6.


Joe Zee stopped by GMA September 6 to discuss an episode of his show featuring designer Prajje Jean-Baptiste. According to Joe, Prajje was making clothes that “nobody wanted to wear.” He needed help in re-imaging his line, and one of his challenges included GMA’s own Lara Spencer!

Joe challenged Prajje to create an outfit for both Lara and her co-anchor, Josh Elliot, to wear on the air. However, when Joe went to visit Prajje with only three days remaining in the challenge, he was less than impressed with the results. Prajje ended up scrapping Josh’s suit completely and focused on making a new dress for Lara. After some last-minute scrambling, Lara’s dress was finally revealed on GMA.

GMA: Lara Spencer’s Dress by Prajje Jean-Baptiste

Lara took off her trench coat to unveil the dress, and even gave a little runway strut. The simple, fitted sheath dress was a bold hot pink color, which looked great against Lara’s skin. She was very pleased with the results, and Josh and Joe both agreed that she looked great.


Joe said that creating the look was not easy for Prajje, but he’s now back on track. To see Joe help more struggling designers overcome their biggest obstacles, tune in to All On The Line with Joe Zee on the Sundance Channel when it premieres on Monday night. Plus, Joe will be Lara’s stylist for the upcoming Emmy Awards on September 23 2012.


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