GMA: Jimmy Kimmel At Matt Damon’s Wedding & Behind the Candelabra


Matt Damon Plays Scott Thorson in Behind The Candelabra

The luckiest gal on GMA is Elizabeth Vargas. She got to go to Cannes for the assignment of a lifetime: to interview the cast of Behind the CandelabraYesterday, Vargas talked to Michael Douglas, who plays Liberace in the film, and then she sat down with his co-star Matt Damon.

Behind the Candelabra is based on Scott Thorson’s love affair with Liberace. Damon plays Thorson, who goes through great transformations to be like his lover.


Matt Damon: Emotional Love Scenes More Difficult Than Physical

GMA: Jimmy Kimmel At Matt Damon's Wedding & Behind the Candelabra

Can you imagine Jimmy Kimmel officiating Matt Damon’s wedding? The Behind the Candelabra star manages to keep his private life out of the spotlight. (s_bukley /

Matt Damon called this “the dream job,” to play alongside Michael Douglas. The man known as Jason Bourne had no trepidation about taking on the role. This love affair between Thorson and Liberace was like a marriage, he said.

Liberace was, of course, flashy, flamboyant and covered in lavish rhinestones and feathers at all times. Damon’s character gets a little bit of bedazzling himself. He sports a “jewel encrusted mankini,” boasted Damon.


The love scenes with Michael Douglas were not nearly as scary as selling the love story, Matt Damon said. It was the non-physical, emotional connection that Liberace and Thorson shared that was the hardest part.

Jimmy Kimmel Officiated Matt Damon’s Wedding in St Lucia

Outside of the world of Liberace that is Damon’s homebase for the moment, his personal life is very private. He and his wife Luciana have been married seven years. They recently renewed their vows on the island of St. Lucia in front of family and friends. Jimmy Kimmel may have officiated their wedding.

“We were looking for the perfect blend of depth, humor and humanity,” Matt Damon said. “He was the right guy for the job.”

The key to his marriage might be getting out of Hollywood. He is left alone by the paparazzi, but it’s a mystery as to why. His best friend Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner are hounded daily by the press, but they don’t do anything different from Matt. He considers himself fortunate to be outside of the spotlight.

Behind the Candelabra debuts this Sunday, May 26 on HBO.


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