GMA Jim Carrey The Incredible Burt Wonderstone & First Shirtless Scene


GMA: Jim Carrey False News

Jim Carrey was on Good Morning America March 14 2013 to talk about his new movie, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and he began by declaring to the camera that the new pope has retired. That is, of course, not even close to being true. George Stephanopoulos said, “Welcome to the best four minutes of your day.”

GMA: Jim Carrey The Incredible Burt Wonderstone 

GMA Jim Carrey The Incredible Burt Wonderstone & First Shirtless Scene

Jim Carrey stopped by GMA March 14 2013 to talk about his new movie, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, being shirtless in the film and what comedy means to him. (s_bukley /


George Stephanopoulos mentioned Steve Carell being on the show March 13 2013 and said that Steve Carell laughed whenever he mentioned Jim Carrey’s name. Carrey said that was a defensive mechanism.

GMA: Jim Carrey’s New Character

Jim Carrey plays a magician in the new movie, and he described the character as loving “to get inside you and undermine your confidence.” He said he “feins disinterest in the trappings of life and yet that’s all he wants.” Jim Carrey said his performance came from “years of psychology and a little spirituality thrown in there.”

GMA: Jim Carrey Shirtless

In this movie, Jim Carrey has a scene with his shirt off. He said he would’ve taken his shirt off sooner, but Matthew McConaughey was doing that, so he didn’t. He said his scene was more “tragic Mike” than Magic Mike. Jim Carrey designed the tattoo on his chest in the movie, which isn’t a real tattoo. He worked with the makeup artist to make it a reality for the film.


Jim Carrey: Seagull On the Sistine Chapel

George Stephanopoulos asked Jim Carey about the seagull that landed on the Sistine Chapel that everyone is saying is a sign of some kind. Jim Carrey said that seagull got so much publicity, he bet that Kim Kardashian would be up there the next time a pope is elected.

GMA: Jim Carrey The Eels

Jim Carrey got together with The Eels to do a song that he wrote. He said he’ll be doing a Charleton Heston impression while singing it. He said, “To me, comedy is the best way to deal with stuff. To me, tragic circumstances, as far as I’m concerned, are an invitation from the universe to let go of old ways and let go of our addiction to violence and our entitlement to it.”


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