GMA: Jesse Eisenberg Now You See Me & Mike Wolfe Kid Pickers Review


Kid Pickers: How To Turn Your Junk Into Treasures

Mike Wolfe wants to get kids interested in history and put thoughts of value out of their minds. On American Pickers, Mike and his partner, Frank Fritz, travel the country looking for lost treasures in junk yards, basements and old garages. It’s a labor of love and now he wants kids to get in the game.

Wolfe’s new book, Kid Pickers, is all about how kids are getting into antique hunting and learning from their finds. He brought along his pal Austin, who is a Kid Picker. Wolfe gave Austin an antique bulldozer last year and it gave him the Picking bug.


Lara Spencer: Kid Pickers Review

GMA: Jesse Eisenberg Now You See Me & Mike Wolfe Kid Pickers Review

Jesse Eisenberg plays Atlas, a grand magician in Now You See Me, out May 31. Atlas uses his talent to rob banks and share the wealth with the world. Helga Esteb /

In his finds, Austin brought a 1960s Fischer Price pull toy in great condition and some antique medicine bottles he found buried in his grandpa’s yard. He’s learned a lot about the history of his small town from antique postcards and boarding passes he dug up in old farmhouses.

The book Kid Pickers is not just for kids but also antique lovers, Lara Spencer said. She really enjoyed the book and the cool facts and finds inside.


Jesse Eisenberg: Now You See Me & Learning Magic

In his new film, Jesse Eisenberg plays Atlas, a magician that uses his talents to steal money and give it to the audience of his illusions. He and his crew are chased down by an FBI Agent, played by Mark Ruffalo. Now You See Me is a modern day Robin Hood plus bank heists.

From small card tricks to grand disappearances, Atlas can do it all. Eisenberg learned a lot about what it takes to be a magician. His character would have had to practice 25 years, but he only had 25 days. He learned a lot while filming, but he really gave the credit to the editors.

GMA: Now You See Me Review & All-Star Cast

The amazing cast, including Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman and Isla Fisher, makes Eisenberg and Ruffalo and rounded out dream cast. Eisenberg’s character was the first of his repertoire that really liked himself, so he felt an ego boost after the role.

Unfortunately, the interview with Jesse Eisenberg was cut short. They were interrupted by sirens in Times Square, but Eisenberg talked fast to get everything in. You would think he was a sorority girl with the speed of his voice.

Now You See Me opens Friday May 31.


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