GMA: Jennifer Aniston Diet Secrets & Is Lindsay Lohan Back In Rehab?


GMA: Jennifer Aniston Diet Secrets

Jennifer Aniston revealed recently that her secret to dieting is allowing herself to cheat occasionally. “It’s all about being really gentle with yourself,” she said. Experts say that this can be a good idea, as long as you cheat at the right time. Here are the rules:

  1. If you want fatty foods, eat them by 10 a.m., so you can burn them off all day.
  2. If you’re craving carbs, have them before 1 p.m.. It’ll keep you from snacking for the rest of the day.
  3. If you’d rather cheat with an ice cream sundae (and who wouldn’t?) have it around 2 p.m., so you can get an instant sugar rush that’ll take you through your mid-afternoon slump.

    GMA: Jennifer Aniston Diet Secrets & Is Lindsay Lohan Back In Rehab?

    Jennifer Aniston revealed recently that one of her best diet secrets is that she lets herself cheat every now and then. (image credit: Featureflash /

Lindsay Lohan Rehab

Are you confused about the Lindsay Lohan rehab saga? Me, too. I feel like every other month they report on Lindsay’s rehab stays. This week, the news story is that Lindsay Lohan was supposed to start rehab yesterday, but she might not be there. Might not be? I’m not sure where the confusion lies. Either you’re in the building or not, right?


“Well, she’s not in the rehab center she was supposed to be in,” Dan Abrahms said, who stopped by for this segment.

She’s served 250 days in five rehab facilities so far. Dan Abrahms said Lindsay Lohan didn’t like the one she was supposed to be in. He claimed she walked in, looked around and left.

Plus-Sized Models On the Rise

The average American woman is a size 14. But the average model definitely isn’t. Does the beauty industry need to catch up with America? H&M recently showed a plus-sized model, a size 12. A mommy blogger named Brittany Gibbons is trying to help inspire plus-sized women. She weighs in at 200 pounds and strives to make woman feel comfortable with their weight. At a recent TED talk she gave, she stripped down to her bathing suit. She posted pictures of herself in a bikini on her blog, causing a wave of support and controversy in the comments. But the negative comments don’t stop Brittany Gibbons. She’s on a mission to inspire.


Woman Goes Whole Year Without Mirrors

Kjerstin Gruys spent an entire year without looking at mirrors. Her book, Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall, details the entire story. She spent a year with the mirrors in her house covered, doing her make-up and morning routine without them. She drove without looking at herself in the rearview mirror. She even spent her wedding day without the mirror.

“I knew no one was going to let me walk down the aisle with broccoli in my teeth,” she said.

Kjerstin Gruys was plagued with eating disorders as a child, but now she feels confident and strong in her appearance.

“I see a happy, energetic and passionate woman,” she said of being able to see her appearance now.

She said that women should remind themselves of all the great things they have going on when they worry about their appearance. Liz Vargas wondered how she flossed her teeth without a mirror, which I thought was the strangest observation. I feel like flossing is the one thing I do in the morning at the sink that I don’t need a mirror for.

GMA: Super Deals and Steals

Good Morning America had what they called the Best Deals Ever today. First up was the Pentax Waterproof Digital Camera, which they say is “life proof.” The camera can take a lot of abuse, the kind of abuse your camera phone just can’t survive. Normally, the camera is $439, but it’s been slashed down to $200. You can get this deal at GMA’s website.

Next up was the Dell Ultrabook computer. The computer is less than an inch thick and has a high battery life. Normally it’s $1,343, but it’s been slashed in half for GMA viewers to $671.


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