GMA: Jennie Garth Weight Loss, Bikini & Blossom’s Jenna Von Oy New Mom


GMA: Jennie Garth Weight Loss

A lot of Good Morning America’s stories April 2 2013 are a throwback to the 1990s. First, there was the earlier story about Hanson, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men all going on tour. And later, there was a story about Jenna von Oy, who played Six LeMeure, otherwise known as the one annoying neighbor every young boy watching the show wanted to come over, on Blossom. But more on my unrequited first grade crushes later. Right now, we’re talking about Beverly Hills, 90210 (that’s the original, not the remake) star Jennie Garth, who recently was caught on camera sporting a pink bikini on holiday with her family. The actress turns 41 April 3 and she looks better than ever. She’s lost a lot of weight and she exercises three times a week. She also said she loves to eat salad with beets. The actress recently split with her husband and is now feeling and looking great.

GMA: Jennie Garth Weight Loss, Bikini & Blossom's Jenna Von Oy New Mom

Jenna von Oy: Possibly the first crush of every twenty-something male in America. (Featureflash /


GMA: Sherri Shepherd Dancing With the Stars

Sherri Shepherd, who was still on the show from earlier in the broadcast, weighed in on Dancing with the Stars, which she once starred on. She also costarred with current dancer Andy Dick on the show Less Than PerfectSherri Shepherd said that Kellie Pickler was amazing, but she wasn’t sure about Wynonna Judd. She said that Wynonna was trying, but probably wouldn’t last. Sherri said that D.L. Hughley was funny and trying, but that he couldn’t dance. She said she thought Andy Dick was here to stay.

GMA: Jenna Von Oy Being a New Mother

Here it is, folks, the story you were waiting for. Seriously. Blossom aired from 1990-1995, from when I was four until about nine, and I loved every minute of it. I don’t have numbers or figures to back me up, but I do know that just about every boy I knew when I was in elementary school was half in love with Jenna von Oy’s character Six. She was my first television crush. I can’t speak to why girls that age may have watched the show (Joey Lawrence? Blossom’s weird fashions?) but every boy I knew watched it for only one reason: Jenna von Oy. I don’t remember much about Blossom. But the six-year-old in me got really excited when I saw she was on. And the two other twenty-something men I mentioned it to also got excited. Apparently, crushes on Jenna von Oy were universal.

Anyway. Jenna von Oy is 35 now and she’s a wife and a mother of a 10-month-old. Jenna von Oy is now speaking out about being a mother and the challenges she faces specifically as a new mother. She talks about them on her personal blog and her “mommy blogger” blog on People magazine’s website. Jenna von Oy said she hopes that her blogs show other moms they’re not alone.



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