GMA: James Franco Oz the Great and Powerful Review & Why He’s Teaching


GMA: James Franco New Approach To Oz

James Franco came by Good Morning America March 6 2013 to talk about his new film, Oz the Great and Powerful. James Franco said that when he was a kid, he loved Oz and he read all the L. Frank Baum books. He said they were his Harry Potter books. He said that when he heard that they were making an Oz film, he was worried. But he said they did it right, because it wasn’t a remake of the Judy Garland film, The Wizard Of Oz. Instead of an innocent young girl as a protagonist, this one stars the wizard himself, a con man and a charlatan. James Franco said that with this man as the protagonist of the film, you get to view the classic and beloved land of Oz with new eyes.

GMA: James Franco Grandma Oz Cameo

GMA: James Franco Oz the Great and Powerful Review & Why He's Teaching

James Franco came by GMA March 6 2013 to talk about his new film Oz the Great and Powerful, why it’s different than the original movie and why he loves teaching. (s_bukley /


James Franco’s grandmother got a special cameo in the film, playing a villager in the courtyard at Glinda the Good Witch’s palace. He laughed when George Stephanopoulos asked him about her.

James Franco: Directing Films

James Franco said that while he does a lot of different things, he loves directing films the most. He said it’s such a collaborative process and it includes all of his favorite things.

GMA: James Franco Seth MacFarlane Oscars

James Franco said that he didn’t watch the Oscars, but he did see clips of Seth MacFarlane as host, and he thought he did a pretty good job.


GMA: What’s Next For James Franco?

James Franco has been teaching a lot lately and he said that’s what’s on the horizon for him now. He said that he loves it and he gets to not think about himself for a while and look at other people’s stuff. He said it’s great.

What do you think of the new Oz? Do you think they’re ruining an old classic or is it refreshing to see something new? Tell us in the comments!


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