GMA: Jai Courtney A Good Day To Die Hard & Playing John McClane’s Son


GMA: Who Is Jai Courtney?

Actor Jai Courtney stopped by Good Morning America February 14 2013. Who’s Jai Courtney? Well, he’s a name that might become very big soon. The actor got his big break playing a Roman citizen in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, but 2013 seems to be his year. He’s in the movie Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise and now, he’s playing Bruce Willis‘ character’s son in the movie A Good Day To Die Hard, whose character is the reason Jack McClane is blowing up half of Moscow.

The new movie is possibly a response to Taken, where Liam Neeson’s character blows up half of Paris to get his daughter back. Apparently, blowing up foreign cities to help your child is in season right now.


GMA: Jai Courtney A Good Day To Die Hard & Playing John McClane's Son

For a guy who hasn’t really done anything big in his career until Jack Reacher and A Good Day To Die Hard, Jai Courtney certainly looks like a star. Watch out, Ryan Gosling. America just might fall in love with this guy next. (Helga Esteb /

In the midst of a very busy morning involving an impromptu wedding celebration, Sam Champion stood with Jai Courtney to ask him some questions about the new movie. I would say that Sam Champion “sat down with” Jai Courtney, which is typical for Good Morning America, but Sam Champion didn’t sit down with him, he stood next to him.  This was the first sign that this celebrity interview was going to be very short.

The second sign was that Sam Champion greeted Jai Courtney with, “You’re in the new Die Hard movie, right?” as though he was just as confused about Jai Courtney’s identity as I was. We’ll both probably be regretting that if Jai Courtney gets big and becomes the next Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis. But for the moment, Jai Courtney only has two blockbusters under his belt.


GMA: Jai Courtney A Good Day To Die Hard

Jai Courtney was two-years-old when the first Die Hard movie came out. Jai Courtney said it was wonderful working with Bruce Willis. He said he’s dreamed about this opportunity and he’s very fortunate to have worked on this film.

“So what, did you just start acting a month ago?” Sam Champion asked, apparently trying to be charming to the young actor, who is 26 and has been acting since 2008. To Sam Champion’s credit, it is a bit crazy that Jai Courtney went from being virtually unknown to being a part of two big movies. Jai Courtney said it had been a pretty crazy year. He said he’d been auditioning a lot in L.A. and everything sort of snowballed.

“I’m making the most of it,” Jai Courtney said, before wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Sam Champion finished the interview by inviting Jai Courtney to Melissa and Brian’s wedding.


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