GMA: Isla Fisher as Myrtle Wilson & Robert De Niro’s Drink of Choice


GMA: Friday Night Lights Hitting the Big Screen

Big news for Friday Night Lights fans. Connie Britton revealed to E! News the beloved football TV series could be in theaters soon. While at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, she told reporters there is a script in the works right now but she isn’t making any promises. With so many people still needed to make the movie happen, it might be too early to tell if it could come to fruition.

Like Coach Taylor also said on the show, “Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t lose.” Hopefully that’s enough to get the movie made.


Robert De Niro’s Specific Martini At Tribeca Film Festival

Good Morning America had some film news this morning but it had nothing to do with film. Robert De Niro, one of the founders of the Tribeca Film Festival, had a memo released to all bartenders at the festival with specific instructions as to what he will be drinking. Apparently he is a martini man. His drink of choice is gin and cucumbers with ice, shaken vigorously for 40 seconds longer than the bartenders were taught in school. The drink is then to be poured in a chilled stemmed glass and filled two thirds full so De Niro doesn’t spill any.

GMA: Isla Fisher as Myrtle Wilson & Robert De Niro's Drink of Choice

Good Morning America sat down with Isla Fisher to talk about her role in The Great Gatsby and they learned Robert De Niro only drinks a very certain cocktail.
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Prima donna or A-list celebrity? Or are those the same things?


Isla Fisher Scared To Take Role In The Great Gatsby

Good Morning America sat down with Isla Fisher to talk about her role in the film version of The Great Gatsby. Fisher plays the role of Myrtle Wilson, the young woman who gets caught up in a love triangle.

Fisher told Good Morning America she was scared to take the role in the movie when it was offered to her. She said taking on an American classic is always challenging because there will also be a litany of fans who are disappointed with how the movie turned out. You have to know what you are in for, she said.

Isla Fisher Researches For The Great Gatsby Role

After accepting the role, Fisher said Baz Luhrman, the director, gave her a stack of literature to read for her role. She was researching women in the 1920s, researching the role of her character in the book and even the relationship Fitzgerald had with his own wife, Zelda.

As for being an Australian actress chosen by an Australian director, Fisher said it she feels a special kindred with the director. He is the only director who could have handled the movie she thought. He examined so many themes in the movie, from love to greed to the reinvention of a character for success, while looking at all of them through the lens of trying to find happiness through external means.


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