GMA: Is LMFAO Breaking Up & Where Did Julianne Moore Put Her Emmy?


Good Morning America: LMFAO Breaking Up Rumors

It has been reported the last couple of days that the dance/rap duo LMFAO, best know for their song “Party Rock Anthem,” were breaking up. The rumors started after Redfoo told a  reporter the duo as thinking about taking a break.

But do not worry. Redfoo said the quote was taken out of context. He meant the duo was taking time between records to focus on their personal lives and work on some other projects. Redfoo went on to say they will always be part rockers.


This is probably good news for LMFAO fans because now they can look forward to even more albums and possibly some solo work. For everyone else, this means we have to hear more LMFAO songs. Ugh.

Good Morning America: Julianne Moore Stows Emmy

GMA: Is LMFAO Breaking Up & Where Did Julianne Moore Put Her Emmy?

Good Morning America had the latest pop news. Are the party rockers of LMFAO breaking up? (Randy Miramontez /

What is it with Emmys? Is it really that hard to find a nice spot on the mantle? Maybe head to IKEA and get a nice piece of furniture to compliment the little gold award. Apparently most actors and actresses have a hard time finding places to put the Emmy.


Tom Hanks duct taped it to the hood of his limo the other day and now Julianne Moore stored hers in a paper bag as she walked through the airport. The award, which she won for playing Sarah Palin in the movie Game Change.

Good Morning America: Cute Viral Videos

Everyone loves cute baby videos. And they do not get any more cute than the two shown on Good Morning America this morning. The first showed a small baby crying very loudly, when suddenly his father lies his iPhone next to the babies head and plays the theme song to Star Wars. The baby was immediately soothed. Unbelievable cuteness.

The second video showed another baby crying when the new hit song “Gangnam Style” came on. The baby looked shocked when he heard it, stopped crying and started dancing.

The final cute viral video was a cat trying to jump in a box that was clearly far to skinny for this pudgy cat. The cat didn’t care. He jumped up in the box and got his butt stuck in the top. He got out though. Don’t worry.


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