GMA: ‘I Love Lucy’ #1 TV Show of All Time & Lindsay Lohan Arrested


Good Morning America: Muppets Take Over

The Sesame Street gang have taken over the Good Morning America set today. The Muppets are celebrating the start of their 43rd year on television.

Good Morning America: Lindsey Lohan Arrested Again

Lindsey Lohan was arrested last night in New York City when she clipped a pedestrian and tried to speed away. Good Morning America reported that she may be heading back to jail.


I seem to recall her making a tweet a couple days ago about Amanda Bynes getting in trouble and not being to happy about it. I wonder what Amanda Bynes is going to tweet to Lindsey Lohan.

Good Morning America: Talk Like a Pirate Day

GMA: 'I Love Lucy' #1 TV Show of All Time & Lindsay Lohan Arrested

Linday Lohan was arrested again and ‘I Love Lucy’ has been voted the #1 TV show of all time. (LPJ /

September 19 is international talk like a pirate day. Lara got in on the fun, while Elmo said she did a great job saying poop deck. Good Morning America said Talk Like a Pirate Day started a few years ago and according to their Facebook, over 10 million people are participating. I guess I should get in on the fun.


Arggg landblubbers… that is the extent of my pirate speaking skills. I can work on it for next year.

Good Morning America: I Love Lucy #1 TV Show of All Time

I Love Lucy was voted the #1 TV show of all time last night. Over 1 million people placed votes on their favorite TV shows and the iconic show, which still airs in 77 different countries and is translated into 22 different languages, took the top spot.

Good Morning America: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Back Together?

According to People Magazine, Kristen Stewart has been reaching out to Robert Pattinson about getting back together. People said Stewart has been terribly heatbroken by the entire ordeal and has been reaching out to Pattinson for a very long time. The two finally met and had sit down to talk. No word yet on if they are officially back together.

I don’t think Robert Pattinson should taker her back at all. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.


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