GMA: Harrison Ford “42” Review & Returning For New Star Wars Movies


GMA: Harrison Ford In 42, Jackie Robinson Movie

Harrison Ford came by Good Morning America April 8 2013 to talk about his new movie, 42. In the movie, he plays Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers manager who hired the first black man to play baseball, Jackie Robinson, in 1947. Harrison Ford said that Branch Rickey was the only one who was considering it because it was such an unpopular choice. He said all the other baseball managers were against it. Harrison Ford said that what happened with Jackie Robinson was really emblematic of what happened later in the Civil Rights movement. There were other teams that refused to play the Brooklyn Dodgers and Jackie Robinson was heckled by fans and other managers.

Harrison Ford said that Jackie Robinson went through excruciating personal pain, like death threats to his wife and baby son. Harrison Ford said it wasn’t very long ago and that it’s important to remember how we got to where we are and he hoped that young people will do more to “continue the work that was being done then.”


GMA: Harrison Ford "42" Review & Returning For the New Star Wars Movie

Harrison Ford came by GMA April 8 2013 to talk about his new movie, 42, and Star Wars. Plus, Liz Vargas told him she has a crush on him. (Featureflash /

GMA: Harrison Ford As Branch Rickey

Harrison Ford has extra big eyebrows for the role because that’s what Branch Rickey looked like. This is the first time Harrison Ford has played a real person in a movie.

GMA: Elizabeth Vargas’ Harrison Ford Crush

Everything was going fine in this interview until it suddenly turned awkward. Elizabeth Vargas announced she had a confession to make and Harrison Ford looked visibly uncomfortable. “You were my very first movie crush,” she said. Harrison Ford’s eyes darted around and he said, “Uh. Yeah?” I can’t really blame him. What do you do when the journalist who is interviewing you declares her affections on live national television?


Apparently, Liz Vargas’ affections went back to the movie Witness where he did a scene dancing with Kelly McGillis. Liz Vargas said that was her pick for sexiest scene in a movie. Harrison Ford said thank you, but he still looked awkward.

“Am I making you embarrassed?” Liz Vargas asked.

“A little bit,” Harrison Ford said.

This interview was so uncomfortable, I think everyone watching was embarrassed.

GMA: Harrison Ford Star Wars

Then, we were onto much safer territory. The interview probably should’ve ended before this part, because it was getting so weird on the GMA set, but Liz Vargas continued anyway and asked Harrison Ford if he’ll be great in the new Star Wars movie. He said, “I’ll be average.” Then he added that he wasn’t sure if he’d be “invited to the party.” He also said that he loved the new Star Wars director J.J. Abrams and admired him.


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