GMA: Hanson MMMhops Craft Beer & $1.5M Buys Flight with Leo DiCaprio


Russian Man Bids $1.5 Million to AIDS Research to Take a Space Trip With Leonardo DiCaprio

A Russian businessman, 37-year-old Vasily Klyukin was the high bidder in an auction to sit next to Leonardo DiCaprio during a ride to space. Klyukin bid $1.5 million to sit next to DiCaprio on the Virgin Galactic flight next year. All of the money goes to amfAR and AIDS research.

Not only does Klyukin get to eat honey nuts next to the Great Gatsby star, he also gets to train with him. DiCaprio and his partner for charity will train together for three days in new Mexico.


This is not your normal flight or space travel mission. The Virgin Galactic flight is two hours long and will reach about 70 miles up into space. Passengers will be allowed four minutes of weightlessness to float around the cabin.

Barbara Eden Brings Back I Dream of Jeannie Costume

At the recent Life Ball in Vienna, Austria, Barbara Eden showed the crowd that she can still fit into that iconic I Dream of Jeannie outfit. The 78-year-old actress did her iconic head nod and wink to the crowd and made former president Bill Clinton appear.

GMA: Hanson MMMhops Craft Beer & $1.5M Buys Flight with Leo DiCaprio

Hanson released a sampling of their MMMhops beer at the Hangover 3 premiere. The band has yet to perfect their personal craft beer recipe.


Eden rocked the pink bandeau top, harem pants and braided pony tail for five seasons of I Dream of JeannieShe packed it all away when the series ended in 1970. She brought it back, including her abs, for the benefit for HIV and AIDS research.

Hanson Brothers Introduce MMMhops Craft Beer at Hangover Premiere

The Hanson brothers have finally released their long awaited beer, MMMhops. I think they were just waiting until their fans were old enough to enjoy the drink. Issac, Taylor and Zac Hanson paraded their perfectly crafted craft beer at the Hangover 3 premiere. Their iconic, “MMMbop,” is featured in the film.

The guys are still tweaking the recipe, per the sampling from the Hangover premiere. They don’t have an official release date for the brew yet, but in the mean time we all have “MMMbop” stuck in our heads. By the time it starts to fade, Hanson may have another sampling ready for us.


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