GMA Goes Gatsby: Baz Luhrmann Directs Leo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan


GMA Goes Gatsby: Baz Luhrman

GMA Goes Gatsby: Baz Luhrmann Directs Leo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan

Putting The Great Gatsby on the big screen, Baz Luhrmann has welcomed the challenge. Directing giant party scenes and Carey Mulligan was a joy for him. (Image Credit: Debby Wong /

Lara Spencer sat down with Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet and The Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann to hear firsthand what kind of heart and soul is behind this beautiful new film, out May 10.


“The Fitzgerald thing whips everybody up,” Baz Luhrmann explained.

They sat down in the Fitzgerald Suite at the Plaza Hotel, recently renovated to reflect the new film. Luhrmann’s wife Catherine Martin designed the look and feel of both the room and the film. He said this is a darker tale than people realize.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan On Screen Chemistry In The Great Gatsby

Gatsby is the Hamlet of America, that’s what attracted Leonardo [DiCaprio],” Luhrmann said.


While he’s confident that Leo could have cashed his chips in early and said goodbye to Hollywood, he’s glad that this talent has stuck around.

It was easy to find his Gatsby, but finding Daisy Buchanan was a Gone with the Wind-type search, he said. The role of the flighty and wealthy Daisy ultimately went to Carey Mulligan. Leo and Baz saw the chemistry from their very first screen test. Mulligan was the perfect choice because of her powerhouse acting abilities rolled up in a delicate shell.

Filming The Great Gatsby Giant Party Scenes

The giant parties that make Gatsby Gatsby are what look the most fun to shoot. Baz Luhrmann said that they would blast the music and people would be jumping in the pool. After 15 minutes, they were still going. He was always reluctant to turn the music off, and let the scenes continue to brew to perfection. 

A little party did pretty [expletive] near kill everyone,” Luhrmann said.


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