GMA: Glee’s Cory Monteith Enters Rehab & Harry Styles New Solo Career?


GMA: Cory Monteith Enters Rehab

Larry Hackett, managing editor for People magazine, came by Good Morning America April 1 2013 to weigh in on the headlines. Cory Monteith, who plays Finn on Glee, has checked himself into rehab over the weekend. He has the support of his girlfriend, Lea Michele. Larry Hackett said he thought it was a bold and courageous move.

GMA: Justin Bieber’s Monkey Denied Entry Into Germany

GMA: Glee's Cory Monteith Enters Rehab & Harry Styles New Solo Career?

GMA reported April 1 2013 that Cory Monteith checked himself into rehab over the weekend. (Helga Esteb /


Justin Bieber tried to bring a monkey into Germany, but the monkey was denied entry into the country. Larry Hackett said that his manager is doing a terrible job. He also pointed out that since it’s April Fools’ Day, this seems like a fake headline, but it is definitely real.

GMA: Harry Styles Leaving One Direction?

Harry Styles may be going solo, which may mean the end of One Direction. Larry Hackett described boy bands as “mayflies” that hang around a while and then move on. He said that he thought Harry Styles was the most likely one from One Direction to be able to have a solo career. He said the girls seemed to love him the most.

GMA: Susan Patton Tells Women To Find Husbands At Princeton

Susan Patton, one of the first female graduates of Princeton, wrote a column in the Princeton newspaper advising young women to find their husbands while at Princeton. Larry Hackett said he thought it was like A Modest Proposal, a satire. He said it “seems a bit retrograde at best.” Her son is at Princeton now and Josh Elliott said he “has got to be dying in agony.” Lara Spencer said that Susan Patton makes the argument in the column that this decision is feminist, because you’re taking charge and making the decision on your own.


GMA: Dancing With the Stars Kellie Pickler

In a spotlight on Kellie Pickler, Rachel Smith went to Dancing with the Stars to give Kellie Pickler Easter gifts. The weirdest part of this was that Rachel Smith was inexplicably picking up on Kellie Pickler’s southern accent. Although Rachel Smith is from Tennessee, she’s never spoken in a southern accent on GMA.

It was doubly attention-grabbing because in the voice-over between transitions, she spoke in her un-Southern voice. The effect kind of came off like she was mocking Kellie Pickler, although it was probably more innocent. Maybe she just picked it up by accident, or maybe the interview just brought out her inner southerner. Sometimes, I have the same trouble when I’m talking to someone from England. I have that thought in the back of my mind not to pick up their accent, which sometimes doesn’t always work. Anyway. Rachel Smith gave Kellie Pickler, who is a judge and fan favorite to win, lots of snacks like Doritos and M&Ms.


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