GMA: George Michael Garnier Opera House & Lady Gaga Wedding Dress


George Michael Performs in Paris at Garnier Opera House

1980s pop star George Michael performed Sunday at the Garnier Opera House in Paris.  The singer is making a comeback after trouble with the law and his health. This was a unique concert for the opera house because it’s known for more classical performances.

GMA: George Michael Garnier Opera House

George Michael performed at the famed Garnier Opera House. (Mark III Photonics /


His tour, Symphonica, is about his classic hits and will run through December. The proceeds of his tour will support the fight against AIDS. Michael’s boyfriend Anselmo lost his battle with AIDS in the 1990s.

Lady Gaga Wears a Wedding Gown in London

Lady Gaga wore a wedding dress while out in London over the weekend to pay tribute to Princess Diana. Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer asked guest co-host and fashionista Jessica Simpson what she thought of the bridal street style, and Simpson said she thinks only Gaga can pull it off.

“You do always feel beautiful in a wedding dress, so why not?” Simpson asked.


Fashion Week: Oldest Working Model Carmen Dell’Orefice

At 81 years old, Carmen Dell’Orefice is the world’s oldest working supermodel, after getting her first start on the cover of Vogue at age 15. Dell’Orefice currently is getting more bookings than girls that are 60 years younger than her. Dell’Orefice walked the runway at New York Fashion Week twice in one day, for designers Marimekko and Norisol Ferrari. She was also spotted in the front row at one of the fashion week shows with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who is rumored to be  trying to get his own fashion line started.

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