GMA: General Hospital 50th Anniversary & TLC’s Something Borrowed Show


GMA: General Hospital 50th Anniversary Reunion

Former and current cast members of General Hospital were interviewed by Lara Spencer on Good Morning America in honor of the show’s 50th anniversary, including Anthony Geary, Genie Francis and Kin Shriner, who have been on the show for 30 years. Kin Shriner and Anthony Geary, who play Scott and Luke, respectively, have been fighting over Genie Francis’ Laura for decades. Lara Spencer (with a weirdly similar name to Genie Francis’ character Laura Spencer) asked them how they felt about the triangle.

Genie Francis said that Laura is very much in love with both men and if she could put them both into the same man, they would be happy. Kin Shriner said that every time he comes by, he pretty much just wants to punch Anthony Geary and kiss Genie Francis.


GMA: General Hospital 50th Anniversary & TLC's Something Borrowed Show

Genie Francis, who plays Laura Spencer on General Hospital, came by GMA with the rest of the General Hospital cast to talk about the show. (Helga Esteb /

GMA: Princess Diana Fan Of Anthony Geary, Genie Francis

Princess Diana was a big fan of General Hospital. When she got married, she sent Anthony Geary and Genie Francis champagne from her wedding.

GMA: Jack Wagner Singer and Actor

Jack Wagner, who played Frisco Jones, was very popular on the show. Lara Spencer asked him whether he liked singing or acting better. The apparently not-very-modest Jack Wagner said he was trained as a “triple threat,” and knows how to sing, dance and act. “So you put me on a stage and it all feels the same to me,” he said. “You’re all I need, Jack,” Lara Spencer said in response.


GMA: Lara Spencer Soap Opera Survey

Lara Spencer took a survey of the eight assembled actors, asking them which of their characters had been married four or more times. Two people raised their paddles. Then, Lara Spencer asked who played an evil twin. “I died in my own arms once,” Anthony Geary said. Lara Spencer also asked about who had been in a coma. “It’s all of us, isn’t it?” Finola Hughes, who plays spy Anna Devane, asked.

GMA: Something Borrowed Something New 

GMA had a spotlight on the TLC show Something Borrowed Something Newabout helping a bride find a dress. Stylist Sam Saboura finds a perfect new dress for the bride. Meanwhile, Kelly Nishimoto gives a family dress a modern makeover. GMA followed the story of Heather, who debated between Sam’s new dress and Kelly’s revamping of her family dress. Personally, I voted for the new dress, because the old dress still looked very 1970s to me. But apparently Heather is okay with it, because she went with the old dress, making her mother cry. Who am I to argue with tradition?


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