GMA: Fergie’s Center Stage Collection Makeup Review & First Pregnancy


Fergie: Josh Duhamel Hosting Kids’ Choice Awards

Fergie, if you didn’t now, is an incredibly successful artist, both with her own music in her debut solo album The Duchess and with her band, The Black Eyed Peas. Now, Fergie is going to be a mother and she sat down with Lara Spencer to talk all about it.

GMA: Fergie's Center Stage Collection Makeup Review & First Pregnancy

Fergie stopped by GMA March 21 2013 to talk about getting ready to be a mother and her new makeup line, Center Stage Collection. (s_bukley /


Even though I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to ever mistake Fergie for someone else, she’s married to Josh Duhamel, who I always confuse with Timothy Olyphant, probably because I haven’t seen much of either actor’s projects. But every time I see Josh Duhamel, I think, “It’s the killer in Scream 2!” only to discover that it’s actually the guy from the Transformers movies that I recognize who isn’t Shia Labeouf. Anyway, Fergie said her husband Josh Duhamel is currently getting prepared for hosting the Kids’ Choice Awards.

GMA: Fergie On Pregnancy & Getting Ready For Motherhood

Fergie said that when she learned she was going to have a baby, it was a huge shock and everything got very real. She said she wasn’t sure what she was doing, but she was really looking forward to whatever happened.

GMA: Fergie’s Writing

Fergie said she’s doing a lot of writing right now. She said that it’s not necessarily about being pregnant because her writing is always really out there. She said her writing was “spastic.”


GMA: Fergie Center Stage Collection

Fergie has a new makeup collection called Center Stage Collection. She said that a portion of the proceeds of V.I. Pink lipstick go to amfAR, which is an organization dedicated to the prevention of AIDS. She said it was a very dear cause to her. As part of a promotion for Fergie’s makeup, three lucky audience members were chosen at the beginning of the show for makeovers. They showed the before pictures and then showed how they look now. Some products included the Little Black Dress eyeliner, which has an angled brush to help you apply it and the Red My Mind lipstick, which was a bold red color.


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